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I have been using differin 0.1% at night and eating erythromycin tab 250mg in the morning for about 6months now and washing my face with cetaphil gentle skin cleanser 2 times a day and neutrogena alcohol free toner at night but it had made my face worse than before.Is there anyway to improve my acne? Help please thanks :cry:



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Never mind the masturbating, i know the real reason we have acne and from what ive just done probally the cure for the most if not all people,

Its because we are having digestive problems even though we dont know it some peoples bodies are just not effective and getting rid of waste fast enough or complete enough.

This is just one half of the reason the other im afraid is candida our diets cause this to manifests punch holes through our intetinal walls and what do you know toxins enter the blood stream which then come through youre sebum glands bloke pores and allow p acnes to breed and cause inflamation etc....

now in between all this there is like a miny war going on in their remember more than half of youre immune system lies in youre intestines bowel the whole digestive tract, and when we keep bombarding it with junk food and crap the bad bacteria (candida) feed and feed and grow bigger in population so much so that the bad bacteria take control down there and bring youre immune system with other symptoms including acne

oily skin my freinds is simply waste and toxins on youre skin which is disgusting i know BUT!

Here is the best bit you can fight back and even beat it gone with a weapon


Why because it has much good bacteria which is very beneficial to us in many ways being the disposel of waste properly boosting the immune system right up and fighting of bad bacteria and taking back over

Now for the love of god please try this eating something like one big tub a day or two small tubs dailly and you should see great benifits , Im talking from Expereince acne almost gone now and i started this a week and half ago, i noticed after two days skin oil wasnt as oily red parts of my face lightining up and then im here now almost free of acne

Bottom line Give it a go it is incredible

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Have you tried some sort of oral antibiotic? Also try experimenting with other cleansers. Cetaphil is gentle but it has no acne medication in it. Try something with a little salicylic acid in it or something - but don't get something too strong because you're on differin. Look up reviews on the internet for acne cleansers (drugstore.com or acne.org or....). And maybe using a toner and differin at night is too much? I would see a derm and follow their regimen. From my experience, trying to come up with my own eclectic regimen including both prescribed and over the counter medications was always a mistake.

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