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NOT your usual Acne case! (This could help many of you)

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Hey everyone,

I'm new here on the forums, this is my first post.

Ive been frequenting the website for about a year though.

I've discovered several things throughout my past 5-6 years with mild to moderate acne.

First of all, I've found that while medication and treatment seem to work, they are very temporary.

So I've dug deeper, and discovered that MY acne, is caused by a combination of several things.

First and foremost, i believe my food allergies are a cause of my acne.

At one point in my life i couldn't eat dairy, eggs, nuts, and much more.

I pretty much ate potatoes, all the time.

While it has gotten much better, im still deathly allergic to nuts, and lactose intolerant. Docs also say i shouldn't have more than 2 eggs a day, so im hypersensitive.

On top of that, MANY fruits make my throat itch.

Ranging from apples, peaches, bananas, apricots, and so much more -its unbelievable.

So that is the first major cause of acne for me (I BELIEVE)

The second, which is most likely also caused by the allergies is my constipation/IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).

The longer I go without relieving my bowel, the worse my acne gets due to toxic buildup in my bloodstream exiting through my pores.

After relieving myself (sometimes very difficult :boohoo:) my acne almost instantly starts to clear up.

For a while i used laxatives because they really helped with my acne and constipation.

However i know thats not good, and can cause dependence. so now im trying to exercise and eat healthier.

While its helping, its just not cutting it.

So i'm going on a new diet and i recommend those of you who have the same issues to do the same.

No dairy, eggs, or fruits that cause any allergic reactions.

If it helps my constipation, it will help my acne.

I hope this helps someone!

Also, if you have any advice, please share.

I'm definitely NOT cured yet.

If you've been in my shoes, PLEASE, lend a helping hand!



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Hi! I'm glad that have narrowed the cause of your acne down, it's usually pretty hard for people to do that, so kudos! Also, have you tried any of the cereals that help regulate your digestive tract? I guess they will be effective without milk, right? :)

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You know what? Now that I think about it, I NEVER had a bowel movement every day like I am supposed to. I only did 1 time every 2-3 days.... Now, though, I do go every day. My acne has subsided at least 60%.

Great info!

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Sorry for not responding.

I just got back from summer vacation.

Acne is worse than usual.

I really don't know what to do anymore

I hope someone can help me..


I eat a lot of fiber.

Raisin bran almost every morning.

Nothing works like I hope.

Any ideas?

i've been using BP, but even when i try to put small amounts as soon as i try to put more than a pump my face gets really red.

I cant even tell if its helping.

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