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Acne Dressing / Acne patch

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I ordered some of these online from HK (can't find them anywhere else).

I haven't used them yet, but they looked so cool. I thought it would help when I get those ones I want to pick.

Anyone tried them? what do you think?

Do they work on breakouts that haven't come to a head?

Do you need to carefully poke them first so the pimple is open (probably not too great for my skin)?

I need to do as little damage to my skin as possible, it scars too easily.

I would love to hear what you think, if you have used them.

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I got these because I have my skin almost totally clear now, but occasionally (monthly cycle, I think) I will get a breakout of one or two spots and I scar so easily, I need a better solution than just BP or Salicylic which just doesn't cut it.

I tried one on a less sensitive spot (the chest) where I just had a tiny little red bump, not much of a breakout. Probably just from my workout straps+sweat. Anyway, I tried a little patch on it overnight and it really worked! I was so amazed by all the yukky white stuff in the patch from a tiny little inflamed bump, amazing!

No irritation or redness upon removal either. This is big for me because the glue on some bandages (especially those cloth ones that are "latex-free") really irritates my skin. We will see if these Acne Dressingspots work on the breakouts I still occasionally get, which don't usually come to a head. Although, I hope I don't need them anytime soon. :D

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