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Best Acne Regiment without Accutane

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The best Acne Regiment: I promise you will see results after following this regardless of your acne condition. (Changes will have to be made for anyone using Accutane)

A lot of people make posts on what works for them and what hasn't. To be clear, it comes down to what acne symptoms, age, and intensity you have. For example, someone who is 15 and is breaking out with acne will need something different then someone who is 29 breaking out. Someone who is 15 is most likely breaking out due to hormones, where the person who is 29 could have many possibilities. In truth, most don't understand how acne works and there is no solid information from what I am stating. Hence why there is no cure. I will say this; you need to determine what kind of acne you have. I believe this is key in order to treat it. Once again this is just a theory. To explain it as an example, take cancer, there are many different forms of cancer. Each requires different forms of treatment of stages and type. When you say the term "cancerâ€most consider this as one form of disease. Acne also has these same characteristics; once again there isn't any solid way to prove this so I will state this as a hypothesis.

Another factor comes into play, how much build up of resistance have you accumulated? Anyone ever wonder when you take a drug your doses tend to get increased? Why doctors are constantly using different prescriptions to treat the same form of diseases? Your body is no different; it is a mutating living thing that adapts. All these factors come into play, so with that said...

I have created a Regiment that works pretty well. Like most that are on this web-site, I too, have had acne for awhile.

This regiment doesn't require a diet or anything of the sort, unless you pacifically need that due to your own --body differences--. A lot of the stuff being mentioned have been posted on the web-site by separate people, but never accumulated together with instructions. I thought I'd be nice enough to share and help contribute to fellow sufferers. Lastly, like most of you I have spent thousands of dollars trying out different forms of treatments. This works the best besides accutine which I refuse to try out due to harmful side effects.

Keep in mind, things will be switched out depending upon your own body structure, resistance, exc. Have you ever taken a product and noticed it worked really well at first? But, over time it hasn't worked so effectively? A combination of your body adapting, or the bacteria located in your body is adapting (Whatever being the case read above for explanation.)

+Basic Improvements of Proper live styles+ (All of the following are not independent categories. To really benefit from this you have to take all of the following steps. If you are a 30 year old man who is eating healthy, but not really exercising that often then you are not truly benefiting from this. Each will contribute in a small amount, but the overall progress won't improve much.)

-Exercise. (This tends to help the older crowd who are not healthy. Also keep in mind this definition is different for most people. Some would jump on a tread mill for an hour and work up a small sweat and consider this exercise. If you are a young teen most likely you are already fit and still have acne. Most likely you are simply going through hormonal fluxations, in which this would have really no effect on you unless you are a teen who is unhealthy.)

-Healthy Eating (You have probably already heard this over and over. Eating healthy tends to help your body out a lot. There are many guides online in order to accomplish this, so I won't go into much detail.)

-Oxygen Levels (Going outside and getting in sun with fresh oxygen tends to help the skin rejuvenate better. This is much better than staying inside all day. The problem is most tend to be too embarrassed to go outside, which leads to isolation followed by depression.)

-Stress Levels (Stress levels can factor in many ways that are really overlooked by most. It is always important to simply relax and enjoy a positive atmosphere.)

-Sex Activity (This only matters if you are having sex constantly. Meaning every day, a few times. Let me remind also, this only affects certain people where other people without hormone problems tend to not be affected by this at all.)

+Regiment+ (Star by category means important)(Swap out different products every six months. This is to help in preventing adaptations. If able to afford, try different regiments all at once. Will help diversify and prevent these adaptations. Read below for further detail.)

(Wake Up)

*Striper: Micro scrubber/Baking Soda: Strips your skin

Cleanser: Any form of skin care product that cleans deep in pores.

*Toner: Apple Cider Vinegar: Let this sit on your face until drying. Avoid contact with eyes.

*Mask: Homemade egg mask: One egg plus lemon juice mix and refrigerate every day/night. Apply over face rinse once dried.

Moisturizer (For days going out or meeting people ONLY): Olay Moisturizer products: Any professional strength that will last all day. I recommended basic Olay products, but any good moisturizer that you found will work. This is extremely important for preventing skin flaking and drying. Only recommended for days going out, due to drying the skin will work faster in drying out current acne.

*Prescription Product: Morning: Benzaclin Night: Retin A (Swap out for any current prescriptions recommended. Also, if you have already taken this product and have noticed it doesn't work for your case, or you have built up an immunity.)

Pills: ZINC, Full Supplementary Pills (Has a balance of all Vitamins for the body.) Niacin, if needed can have a vitamin booster for a certain category.

Lastly, if you are using combine products feel free to use those in combination with this. For example; Obagi Skin Care products. Use in morning with Benzaclin as your product. At night, use this regiment with Retin A.

Night time Repeat. Shower at least once a day. Use this after shower.

My own regiment:


Baking Soda

Avveno clenser

Apple Cider Vinegar

Egg Mask

Olay Regenerist (If going out)



Baking Soda

Obagi Skin Care System (Use same system above without this skin care system)

Retin A

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what time do you wake up in the morning to put all that on :shifty:

I got work at 6 so waking up at 4:30 to make it on time with just Dan's Regimen.

Good stuff though.

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This regiment takes less then a few minutes. It is no different then DANs regiment. The mask is the only thing that has to sit on your face, which is no different then any other mask treatment. I provided additional information to help people out. In truth, this is even cheaper minus the prescription. Then again you could use the prescription for DAN's regiment, so it evens out.

I guarantee this regiment to anyone. Some prescription items can be replaced, but this is a extremely effective regiment that will work. All you have to do is try it out; you will see results in the first three days. Make sure to follow the entire regiment, not simply parts.

As for night time, all you have to do is follow the Obagi system if your using that; followed with any prescription medication that you are using.

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