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The guy I am working with acted like such a pompous dbag

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i dont understand, why didnt you react on his actions!?

dont let people walk right over you.

if people get like this, then why would you still be polite!?

my teacher did the same thing to me one time, now i really respect people that are older then me, and especially the ones that educate me!

but i just cant take stuff like that.

so the next time he does it, just give him a mouth full!!

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He is probably into you.....

I would have started making fun of him (it would be incredibly easy) if he continued to do it.

honestly... I wouldn't have been able to take that.

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lol could be ^

I'm sorry hon :(, stand up for yourself in a nice way! [i liked the poke his cheek and say fag, fag, fag suggestion though]

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What a Prick. My pals are worse though. I was in front of my friend at the supermarket checkout and a young lady was serving us and when I was done and walked off He shouted "Miss He has not paid for that Pizza", while pointing at my face.

It's sad but I prefer it that way, as you know that they are thinking it....

Better out in the open.

However, I would take this guy to one side for a chat. Tell Him that you are well aware of your problem and you can handle it but if you keep making it a way of publicly humiliating me I will mess you up. You would not shout out to a Cancer sufferer Baldy! Well you may but you would be a social lepper. To me it's no different and these people get away with it because there is no sympathy for our condition but only fear.

You have done well not to go to His level and mock His sexuality in a place that He may not find comfortable.

Don't leave it.

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I know those events really pissed me the fuck off, but that aside, he is a really cool guy 99% of the time. He's really intelligent and I learned so much, but I still can't believe he acted like that...no excuse. I guess this is what happens to people who probably never experience acne. I'm kind of glad that I've experienced it in a way...even though I missed out on my high school years.

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If i were u I would grab him by the balls and say its not soo funny is it, he shows such a lack of respect for an educated man that its a joke, just say something he's only saying it because your allowing him to.

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the next time he standing by you pock at his ass and say cum stain! cam stain! cum stain!

see how he fells :lol:

THIS lol. I feel this is pretty funny. Maybe thats how he felt when he said zit too lol.

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I wouldn't hit anyone, I think that is in most cases a way to compensate for confidence and security in yourself.

Be straight with him. Calmly, looking him in the eye, but with composure and not looking like you're angry or insecure say: "You're acting unbelievably immature. Control yourself, I won't put up with anything short of complete respect for me and yourself. Got it?". It should get him in line, and you would become dominate in the situation.

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Aw what a wanker. I wouldn't even try and make a point by doing anything back to this guy erik, he wouldn't get it. And he's not worth the energy. I think you did the right thing buy not reacting to him, cause thats what he wanted. Just get back at him by being really happy and successful in life :dance:

Or by sneezing in his tea or something haha.

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People like this are, well - like dogs that need to be trained. All they need is a dominate personality and they'll be as pliable as butter.

Body language matters before anything you say. Don't down-cast your gaze, keep your shoulders up and straight. Speak with a calm but firm voice, and don't smile or pretend to laugh when you are unhappy about something - it's passive aggressive and shows the other person that they are dominate - the less they know, the better.

While it might be fun and feel good to make fun back, if he doesn't feel an emotional response to the teasing, he will keep teasing you and also feel that you aren't serious about him poking fun at your condition (hell, OUR condition, right?)

Other people had a good suggestion as to what to say. If it doesn't work the first time, try a second time and give gim a debilitating choice. If he's still acting immature, find a way to drop him like a bag of rotting potatoes.

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People like this are, well - like dogs that need to be trained. All they need is a dominate personality and they'll be as pliable as butter.

Male domination and butter fluffing? Don't you think that's exactly what he wants?

The strong, physical communication is solid advice.


I wanted to add that this guy might have an actual disorder. There's too little information to say anything for sure, but, at a glimpse, it seems like he could have Asperger's. Asperger's is a high functioning form of autism, where individuals with the disorder tend to fixate on specific areas of interest and retain knowledge often to the extent of experts.

Folks with Asperger's severely lack social comprehension, and lack empathy for others. In other words, they're nearly incapable of understanding mannerisms, facial expressions, tones of voice, nor do they understand what is socially acceptable.

The person described has all of the tell tales. Inappropriate conversation, unable to recognize that he has offended someone, no tact or empathy. And you say he's basically an academic expert.

If it's a developmental issue, then he honestly doesn't know any better. People of like disorders do respond to discipline though. In this case, being a strong-willed alpha (like awat1 suggested) is the best route. And some compassion.

If he doesn't have a development disorder, like Asperger's, then he's a prick. SO YOU SLAP HIS FACE RIGHT OFF OF HIS FACE. Then call him a two-timing whore.

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