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Pools, Chlorene, and the Regiment?

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As everyone probably knows, it's summer here in the Western Hemisphere, so heat, sun, and pools are some of the big things.

I'm wondering, how much can swimming in chlorinated water affect your skin, specifically on the Recommended Regiment?

I'd love to take a dip in my pool, but I'm worried to could do a good deal of damage to my skin.

And sort of on the same note, how much sun is just the right amount of sun to be good for your skin? Maybe at the most a half hours worth?

Thanks guys! :D

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This is what Dan says on swimming:

Q: I am going to be swimming during the day. Should I do a third Regimen application afterward?

A: I don't know because I am not a swimmer. The consensus on the message boards seems to be that swimming does not adversely affect acne and a third routine is not warranted. A member of this site wrote me and asked that I also add that your skin may become very dry after a swim, so although you may not need to apply bp again, be sure to bring a moisturizer along.

So yeah, it shouldn't disrupt your regimen, and you don't need to do it again after you've been swimming. And here's what Dan says on sun exposure:

Q: I like to lay out in the sun in the summer. Is this OK?

A: We needn't view the sun as an enemy. We get our vitamin D through the sun, and it just plain makes many of us feel good. However, if you get too much sun exposure, you can damage your skin. While trying to get rid of acne it's important to prevent sun damage. As your skin repairs itself from sun damage, this process can cause a breakout to ensue. A breakout can occur about two weeks after overly exposing your skin to the sun.

If you tend to break out on your face:

Feel free to get some sun on your body, while wearing appropriate sunscreen to prevent skin damage and premature skin aging. My advice would be to simply wear a wide-brimmed hat to keep your face out of the sun. Alternately, you can apply a zinc oxide based sunscreen. My favorite zinc oxide sunscreen is Olay Complete for Sensitive Skin. Since sunscreens are not complete sunblock, they will only afford you partial protection from UV rays, so you will still be receiving exposure. While a bit of sun exposure on the face while wearing a good sunscreen is probably OK, but be careful not to overdo it.

If you tend to break out on your face and body:

You'll want to be careful not to overexpose any of the acne prone areas of your body to the sun. Again, the sun is not our enemy, so this needn't become an obsession. Rather, if you're going to be in the sun, try limiting your exposure, or wear a zinc oxide based sunscreen on the acne-prone areas of your body. My favorite zinc oxide sunscreen is Olay Complete for Sensitive Skin. However, like all sunscreens, Olay is not a sunblock and you will still be receiving sun exposure. Be sure not to overdo it.

Good luck!

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I swim practically everyday. The chlorine does dry out the skin, but you can apply moisturizer when you get out and it's all good!

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Thanks guys!

Glad to know that I can enjoy a nice swim and some sun! :D

Good thing too, because it's been getting pretty hot.

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