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I've been taking 150mg a day of Doryx for 3 1/2 weeks. Some people may think that it's a little soon to write a review but I have to say it has helped a lot with inflammation and breakouts in general.

My acne story:

I am 27 year old female who has NEVER had acne a day in my life, not during my prenancy with my son nor when I was going through puberty or teenager. Occassionally I would get a nodule/cyst on my chin or forehead, usually around the time of my period, that would come up and stay for a week or two but go away. BUT- in January 2009 I noticed everyday around 1pm my face would be extremely oily (usually very dry skin- oil was not a problem). By February 2009 I had sand paper feeling bumps all over my face and neck (no redness). April 2009 I had numerous nodules/cyst on my forehead, chin and jawline- VERY PAINFUL! Was diagnosed w/PCOS (Polyscystic Ovarian Syndrome)- which is basically a severe hormonal imbalance. My gyno said that was probably the reason for my breakout now. He immediately put me on generic Doryx (Doxycycline) 100mg a day to try to help with the acne that was forming. That did not help very much so 4 weeks later I went to a dermatologist who put me on Cephalexin 1500mg a day and Retin A .025 and told me to quit being so vain. Needless to say the Cephalexin didn't touch the acne, the Retin A was very abrasive and hard on my skin at first. After 3 weeks of that my gyno put me on 50mg a day Aldactone - acts kind of like Accutane in reducing the amount of oil your body produces. This started to help in a tremendous way. 2 weeks later I went to see a new derm, she was excellent and very compassionate, immediately put me on Doryx and offered me accutane. But with the ipledge system I can't start accutane for another 2 weeks. However, in the 'meantime' the Doryx has worked miracles on my skin, I'm sooo thankful!

In closing my new derm informed me that if my acne is truly 'hormonal' then the acne will return whether I take Accuatne or not. Ladies- make sure you have your hormone levels checked and see a derm/gyno that is proactive and compassionate. Women who develope acne in late 20's to early 30's is usually 'hormonal acne' ... Don't ignore it- your hormones try to tell you a lot... I ignored the 'warning' signs (oily skin, sand paper feeling break out) that tried to tell me something wasn't right.

I'm still going to take the Accutane- even if the acne comes back its usually not as severe as the original onset (per my derm)... It's worth a try and I'm hoping it will help with my scars I've got now as a result of the acne I've developed in the last 6 months.

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