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how to get rid of big whiteheads

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what can i take to get rid of these whiteheads, i have some big ones right underneath my lip that won't go away/keep forming.

i started the reg about 4 days ago

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Hey, I started the reg 4 or 5 days ago too. after two days, I broke out in mad whiteheads. Now they are slowly going away. You should expect to have a few break outs initially, But give it time, They will go away!

Keep me posted on your progree! smile.gif

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You might have to lance them if you want them to go away quickly. Please ensure that you do this safely though - follow the instructions on how to pop a pimple on the main section of the site.

To briefly sum up:

Wash hands thoroughly.

Use a sterilised, fine needle - dip it in TCP, saline solution, savlon or tea tree oil before hand.

use hot water to moisten the area before hand, and gently press the needle into the whitehead. A small amount of pus should emerge from the tiny hole.

After this, use a TISSUE and NOT your fingers to slowly and gently squeeze the remaining pus out of the spot. Try to stop squeezing before any blood comes out, as this increases the risk of scarring.

Following this, apply an antiseptic to the spot, I would recommend pure manuka oil. Put a plaster over it if you're not going out.

If you follow these guidelines you should hopefully get rid of the whiteheads without any scarring.

Be careful, though. smile.gif

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i have noticed that when using a needle to pop my pimples i always seem to miss the actual white head and end up prickin my face which causes me to bleed and scar meanwhile not even gettin rid of my whitehead! hahah (i think im just terribly unco-ordinated)

-bloody faced and still with whiteheads ! :shh:

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if you're gonna pop it (any zit at all) it's better to first steam ur skin , like taking a shower first in order to soften up the skin and help loosen the pimple. That way it pops way easier.

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I woke up this morning with about 6 whiteheads. I've been on the regimen for about 4 weeks now.

Worst breakout since I started the regimen, pretty strange.

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