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Hey its summer and its like mid 25 0c

I have oily skin and acne and this is made 100x worse by the heat and sun.

Feels like a oil slick on my face at times it becomes soo shiny.

Just wondering if there any anyways to control the shine or even stop so much oil on my face?

I tried B5 for a long time, but that did not work, ive been on accutane that help a lot with the acne but the oil has come back.

Im now taking just a vitamin A tablet which helps a bit but i feel it is not strong enough only 8,000 IU

im trying to find one like 15,000-20,000 IU (if anyone knows where i can get this, it would be great!)

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I know how much oily skin sucks (mine too is incredibly oily) but I implore you not to self-medicate with Vitamin A. Vitamin A isn't a water soluble vitamin, which means your body maintains stores of it instead of flushing out the extra in your urine.

You are going to damage your liver. There is no reason to take a Vitamin A supplement unless you're malnourished, and in fact, a person could have a diet completely devoid of Vitamin A and still maintain a reasonable store of it for up to one year.

Accutane is similar to Vitamin A, but they are not the same thing. You will not get the same results by overdosing on Vitamin A.

I would try a product like OC Eight. I know topical products aren't going to produce the same effects as a course of Accutane, but a lot of people report good results with this. It might at least keep your face a bit more matte for longer. The great thing about OC Eight is that you can reapply as much as your need.

Please, do not continue with the vitamin A supplement. I just finished a course in nutrition, and the dangers of this were discussed at length.

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Im not too sure ive done a bit of research and spoke to some specialist and they say the average human body can take up 15,000 IU of vitamin A sometimes even more. This depends on height and weight of course.

I'm just taking 8,000 IU which you can buy at any good health food shop, natural vitamin a from fish liver oills.

Also yes vitamin A is stored in the liver over time but everyones body is different and some people use there store of vitamin A much faster than others, I know this is true for me as Ive had test done also the fact I have very fast metabolic rate.

Your right that vitamin A can damage the liver but only in very large quantities and for a very long period of time. The liver is a very strong organ in general, in fact it can repair it self, the only human organ to regenerate itself.

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