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hey everyone! Honest advice on how I got rid of acne

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Hey guys,

Firstly I just want to say I'm not trying to sell you anything or get any money, all I want to do is share how I got rid of my acne with supermarket products. The GP put me on a prescription cream called differin (made things worse) and minocycline antibiotics (didn't work). I have suffered badly from acne since I was about 13yo, I am now 19 and finally found out how to sort out my skin for good.

Here's a list of tips, you probably know most of them already:

Don't touch your face,

Don't let anyone else touch your face,

Don't burst spots this spreads them and also causes them to scar,

Wash your face with a face wash that has moisturisers and is meant for sensitive skin, I use a “Simple†face wash that I got in LIDL believe it or not. This is not necessary if you don't get dry flaky skin from normal face washes.

If your face does get dry this too will cause spots so wash your face less and use an oil free moisturiser. Clean and Clear do a good one that also fights spots.

Don't use a facecloth to wash your face or a towel to dry your face, they harbour bacteria.

Wash your hands regularly and properly, especially after using the toilet.

I know they say diet doesn't effect acne but I don't agree (then again I'm not a doctor), I think drinking water is good for acne and my friends who don't get many spots say potato chips, fries and other deep fried or oily foods cause them to break out.

If you have an important date or whatever and you want to improve your skin temporarily, dipping your head in a basin of sea salt works for me but if you do it too much it loses effect.

Shaving is very important for males. A LOT of my acne was actually caused by poor shaving habits. It is best to shave after the shower when your pores are open and your hair is softer. Don't shave everyday because shaving irritates your skin and the less you do it the better but obviously you don't want to look scruffy so it has to be done sometime. DON'T shave against the grain. EVER!!! This causes blotches, blemishes, ingrown hairs and acne. Some people can get away with it and it is a closer shave but if you suffer from acne don't do it. If your not sure which way your facial hair grows, let it grow out until you can inspect it and find out. Everyone is different. Wash your face with your sensitive skin face wash and clean warm water before you shave. Use your hands to wash your face and be gentle.Rinse. I tend to disinfect my razor with savlon before shaving , just to be safe. It's important to rinse the razor well though cause that is not stuff you want getting on the skin, it's only for killing bacteria on household products. Begin to shave WITH THE GRAIN and very gently, putting too much pressure irritates the skin and can cause acne. When your done fill the basin with cold water and dip your head in for a few seconds, this closes the pores. Then apply a moisturising aftershave thats meant for sensitive skin. Nivea and loreal both do good versions of these.

Like I said I'm not a doctor but this worked for me and I hope it helps you too. Oh and don't use any product that your alllergic to.

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