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Ok that's t, i'm done with the AHA+

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Hi There

With great hope and expectations I bought the AHA+, and i've been using it for lets say 2 and a half weeks now.

I use it as a nightime moisturizer for face and back.

I can honestly say that it has broken me out every time I used it. I use it every other day, so lets say i used it a total 8 times now.

I love the glow it's giving me, but that's useless if I break out at the same time.

If i use it, I will see new active acne the same morning (i've had a lot of acne around the mouth and nose, even small cysts). Wich normally don't have.

I will not say it's crap for everyone, since a lot of people (including Dan) are in love with it, and my back isn't breaking out (but it doesn't seem to help either)

If you use it and it's working, great, but for me every time it's acne time.

Tips are welcome though.


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sounds like you have a purging period every time you used aha.

I don't expect a purging period to last for almost 3 weeks.

Also, i don't see any improvement during those weeks?

When can you say you are 'purging' or just 'breaking out'?

I don't see the difference (I know what both mean, but can't see wich one it is.)

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I doubt you can truthfully tell whether it is a breakout or a purging - which technically aren't they one in the same? I am bummed to hear about your experience with AHA+, because I too heard such great things and cannot wait to use mine. It may be a purging experience you are going through - but in order to tell you would have to continue to use it for more time (b/c maybe your purging is taking longer). But, I understand it would be difficult to continue to use something you think is breaking you out.

Before you throw in the towel, I would make sure there are no other factors contributing, & that you are using it properly. I don't know if you are putting all over your face or just as a spot treatment or how much you are using or when in the regimen you put it on.

Maybe someone who knows more about when/how to use AHA could post that? Thanks!

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Here you go, I found it:

"Q: Is there anything special I should know about using AHA?

A: If you are new to the Regimen, we do not recommend starting out by including the AHA+ lotion. Give yourself at least three weeks or so to let your skin get accustomed to the benzoyl peroxide before you consider adding in the AHA+ lotion. If you have super sensitive skin, try only a small dab of it under the jaw line for a few days to make sure your skin reacts to it well. When you are ready, start out by using a small amount once daily, or every other day, for the first week or two so you can see how your skin is going to react to it. Then you may increase the amount and frequency as you see fit. Next, Alpha Hydroxy Acids can make the skin more sensitive to the sun, so it is important for you to use a sunscreen each day while using an AHA. This is no joke. My skin is definitely more sensitive to the sun after using AHA for a few days. Prevent burning by using a moisturizer that has SPF in it or a separate sunscreen. I recommend Olay Complete for Sensitive Skin plus a few drops of jojoba oil as the best SPF sunscreen. Lastly, be sure that no other products you are using have any AHA in them. This will most commonly be listed on the ingredient label as glycolic acid or lactic acid."

Best of luck either way!

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I'm sad to hear that. I have been on Dan's AHA+ now to good results. I have been pretty much clear whereas I should have gotten about 1 or 2 new zits by now because my breakouts seem to coincide with that time of the month. I had two lumps on my chin that I know if it weren't for the AHA+ would have become full grown pimples, but the AHA+ stopped them in its tracks overnight (layered over BP). The AHA+ also reduced my overall blotchiness and lightened up some hyperpigmentation scars. They are not gone yet but it sure faded faster than usual.

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Yeah i'm sad to, I hear such good things about it, and i can't use it.

I didn't start of with a small amount, but i don't really have sensitive skin either, so i don't think thats the problem. And i've been on the regimen for like 3 years.

Meh, the summers comming up, i'm not going to use it now since I don't have a generous amount of good sunscreen. After the summer i'm going to try to use it every day, and start with a small amount.

Anyways, thnx guys.

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This same thing happened to me, sort of. Every morning after using a dime size amount of the AHA, I would have new small whiteheads above my eyebrows and around my nostrils. Nothing huge or painful, but it happened every single time.

I backed off, used it once every 4-5 days and just kept plugging along. Eventually that stopped happening after about 3-4 weeks. Now I use it about every other night and as a spot treatment and have no ill effects.

I'd suggest dropping the amount used (I really don't think we need as much AHA as any other product, ESPECIALLY BP) and wait a day or two in between applications. See if that works.

I've only gotten one very minor sunburn since using it, too, and that was my fault. I didn't re-apply sunscreen.

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