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NEW Bare Minerals Foundation - Matte

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Bare Minerals has a new mineral foundation.. It has a matte finish and looks to be Bismuth-free based on the ingredients list. This is great for those who found BM too shiny or were allergic to the bismuth.. apparently this isn't for sale just yet, but you can get a sample by using the BEMATTE code at checkout. i really want to try it =]

bareMinerals SPF 15 Matte Foundation

What it is:

A revolutionary, 100% pure bareMinerals SPF 15 foundation that delivers a flawless, natural-matte finish that lasts all day and provides extraordinary skincare benefits.

Ingredients: All shades contain:

Lauroyl Lysine, Silica, Calcium Silicate, Soil Minerals. May Contain: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides.

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I bought this from Sephora and ended up exchanging it for the original because it has way better coverage. I have post acne marks and the matte foundation gave me no coverage what so ever. It doesn't get shiny really but if you have really oily skin it gets kinda gunky on your face. I have found that hydrogen peroxide works really well with my oily skin and acne. I have started trying lots of natural products such as baking soda (as a cleanser), jojoba oil (mixed in with my moisturizer), manuka honey and lemon (as a mask), hydrogen peroxide (as a spot treatment and toner) and Murad Skin Clarifying Supplements have all done wonders for my skin. I have moderate and persistant acne that I have battled for 12 years and I used to wake up everyday with all kinds of new acne on my face and now I only get a few very small ones that are super easy to treat and go away quickly. Now I'm searching for an effective hyperpigmentation treatment. Anyone have any suggestions?

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The Bare Minerals Matte Foundation made me break out in a major way. Was excited at first because it seemed to be working great for a few days and then my acne got much worse and was very hard to heal.

I also just ordered their Raw Minerals sampler kit, especially for those with sensitive skin and had a similar experience. Loved how it worked for a few days and then began to break out again.

I used to use the regular BE foundations for a few years when my skin was more under control, but now, the Bare Minerals line seems to be really irritating overall. Too bad, because I really like the appearance of the makeup. But not worth it...

Hope others have a better experience:)

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Ehh, BareMinerals is still overpriced... It may be bismuth free, but I still wouldn't buy it. There's next to no information out there on the effects of Lauroyl Lysine in the long run -- it's very new. The high amount of silica suggests it'd be good for oil control though.

I'd rather get my MMU from Silk Naturals, Meow, adored with Grace, or the various other options available on the net nowadays.

By the way: EDM has started adding Lauroyl Lysine in just about all of their newer products, so if you're buying from them, do a swatch test first if you have sensitive skin. Don't rely on the label - EDM has admitted to changing the formula and keeping old labels in the past.

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