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just when i thought the nightmare was over

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I'm 18 and have been getting pretty bad moderate acne since I was 12 years old. it actually in the past few months has really gotten a lot better and has gotten to the point where I get so few pimples that it doesnt even bother me anymore just because it used to be ridiculously bad. but of course once the acne started to fade my new skin problem began to surface. I just have this ugly redness like on my cheeks under my eyes it forms like a circle around my eyes and it just looks really stupid. I wish I had a picture for you guys to see but I dont unfortunately. I dont even care about the acne anymore it doesnt bother me at all now its this stupid red face. now I've seen what rosacea looks like and it doesnt look like what Ive got...its just like a light red glow but its red enough that people notice it and now im extremely self concious about it...just when I start getting out of my acne stage. I never really used to much on my skin. for a couple years all i've been using is cetaphil gentle skin cleanser once a day and nothing more. what could have caused this???

a little over a year ago I had a laserish treatment done that was supposed to cure my acne...the doctors told me it would poison the bacteria in my skin that caused acne...needless to say it didnt really work. but it did make my face red as a tomato all over severely for a few days. it calmed down but I'm curious if this could be the cause of the redness that I have now? because I just dont understand how it could just form like that when I'm not really using anything on my skin?? any ideas??

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