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Going on a Diet

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Yesterday I went shopping, and decided to pretty much go all out healthy. My diet before this pretty much consisted of cereal, sandwiches with cold cuts, hot dogs, cookies, ice cream, and etc. I did eat the occasional fruits, but veggies were non-existent. I pretty much went throughout the entire always hungry or craving food and that was likely because my nutrient intake was probably limited by what I ate.

So, these are my food options now...


- Eggs

- Plain Oatmeal

- Blueberry/Banana Pancakes (with actual blueberries and bananas, so no processed sugar)

- Glass of Skim Milk & Orange Juice


- Tuna Sandwich on wheat (rye = too expensive for me) made with Non-fat sour cream

- Cottage Cheese

- Celery and Carrots

Post Workout

- Protein Shake, just mixed with water


- Oven cooked thin slicked chicken breast marinated with fat free dressing

- White Rice

- Canned Beans

- Salad with onions, tomatoes, etc.


- Mini banana-nut muffins, limit 2 per day (only 6g sugar per muffin)

- Light yogurt, only 90 cal per.

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I would substitute white rice with brown rice.

i was thinking the exact same thing when i saw white rice... also maybe get rid of the cottage cheese. A lot of people have bad reactions to dairy, but it's all about trial and error for yourself. Good luck and congrats on the change. Having a good diet goes a lot past acne.

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I'm pretty sure I'm fine with dairy. I actually picked up yogurt about 3 weeks ago and have been eating that on a regular basis (as well as cereal with whole milk) and despite that my acne still kept getting better. I have mostly red marks (some have which have already and are fading) with just a few active spots at this point. I will keep it in mind though. And thank you for the brown rice tip.

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I would not have more than one serving of the breads (muffin, pancakes, sandwhich) on the same day.

If you are worried about budget, the digestibility of legumes and the BPA in canned foods, you should buy dried beans, soak overnight and rinse, then cook. Get in the habit of keeping cooked beans on hand so you always some nourishing protein source for when your day doesn't go as planned and you don't have time to cook lunch or dinner. Lentils and red kidney beans are among the most nutrient dense.

Try some raw nuts and seeds for snacks, with yogurt and cottage cheese. Pumpkin seeds are particularly high in protein, zinc, magnesium, etc.

Are you making this tuna salad? Another budget tip is to look for Bumble Bee Jack Mackerel. It tastes pretty much like tuna, is packed in much larger can for not that much more money, is low mercury and a more eco-friendly fish. They are packed clean but whole which means there's some skin and soft bones. But they are easy to pick out or you can just ignore them and stir them in. It;s all edible and good for you. Great source of calcium. You really don't want to eat tuna everyday because of the mercury.

Add dark green veggies like greens and broccoli. Onions, garlic. These sulfur containing veggies are highly anti-inflammatory and good for your liver which is involved in hormone regulation. Try Green Smoothies, stir fries, curries. Make your salads with dark green lettuces or spinach. Really anything except iceberg lettuce.

And of course, all the above depends on your personal food intolerances. Dairy and wheat/gluten intolerance is extremely common. Also, nuts, peanuts, soy, egg whites, citrus. Citrus like oranges and OJ caused my severe cystic acne. Protein shakes can be a problem for a lot of people.

See the Food and Recipe thread at the top of this forum under important topics to get ideas for more meals.

Good Luck.

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