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So ive been on AHA+ for almost 4 weeks now and I have mixed opinions. Each week ive tried using it for about 3 consecutive days as a moisturizer and the rest mostly as a spot treatment. During a week my skin would gradually turn to crap because using it for those three times takes my face a week to exfoliate. Ive also noticed the white bumps on my face since i started using AHA+. I dont exactly know the proccess of purging but I still have them on my face mostly around my cheeks and chin line area. today i woke up with quite a bit of whiteheads which i tried to resist from popping them xD. i am also currently on Dans cleanser, moisturizer and jojoba oil. i never using the jojoba oil during the day because it makes my face look greasy. i really want to try and stick to this regimen until the products run out and hopefully see a difference but i have been temped to try the olay products along with their line of moisturizers. i really dont know what to do can someone help.

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Why don't you try spreading out your AHA applications so that you're only using it once every other day or every few days? That might work better than using it for three days straight, and then not using it for a while, and then three days straight again, etc.

When I first got my AHA, I was using it every night, but after I while, I found that my skin actually looked better when I waited a few days between uses.

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