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Accutane survival products?

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I just started taking accutane today (woo day 1!), and for to those who are either farther along in the treatment or have already finished, I was wondering if there are any products you'd recommend on using for the duration of the treatment?

I've also heard that taking some kinds of vitamins help alleviate some of the possible side effects...

Any useful product tips will be much appreciated =]

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LOTS OF WATER. best tip i can offer.

fish oil pills. like 2 or 3 a day.

vitamin E pills. like 1 or 2 a day.


bunch of different chapsticks.

a couple moisturizers for your face. i use a thicker cream one at night and a light one during the day.

i've been on accutane for 139 days and those are my recommendations.

also, i'm not sure if you're a guy or a girl, but if you're a girl i'd recommend checking out a deep conditioning mask for your hair. it'll get pretty dry and lifeless on accutane.

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Nipple cream - i used lasinoh it was very good. The only thing that stopped my lips cracking and its slightly white so it dulls down the bright red colour your lips go.

Olive oil - slap it everywhere. I needed it for my very dry scalp but also used it as a bath oil and moisteriser and sometimes on my face and lips if i was in the shower and they started to get dry.

Couldnt have done the course without those two products.

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^^ all the above posts are good recommendations. Another product you should have is sunscreen/sunblock. Accutane thins the skin and makes you more prone to sunburn so make sure you apply lots of sunscreen when you are out in the sun.

Fish oil can help increase the absorbancy of accutane. Besides that it also helps with protecting the brain, bones and its anti-inflammation as well plus some other health benefits.

Vitamin E helps in protecting the skin barrier so it helps with dryness I believe.

Also before you decide to include any supplements in your diet, make sure you ask your doctor first.

Good luck!

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One of the best products I have ever used while on accutane is Biore's Hard Day's Night Moisturizing Cream. Its a lotion that you put on at night that also has a lot of vitamin E in it which helps your skin heal. its a must have!!

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Yeah I got some samples of aquaphor from my derm, it works pretty well

Isn't omega-3 for joints too? Or no? I'll get my father to buy some glucosamine to add to my vitamins xD

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So far, I've had very very very few symptoms and I'm pretty sure it's because of my regimen:

-Flaxseed oil (two pills)

-Lots and lots and lots and lots of water... I drink about 65oz+

-CeraVe moisturizer. It's AMAZING.\

-Vaseline, it's currently saving my lips from drying up and falling off my face

-I agree with the deep conditioner. Garnier fructis has an incredible one that's also very cheap

Good luck hon!

Keep your head up (:

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Thanks for the Biore mention, I got some today and while it's expensive, I hope it works well.

I've been liking Aquaphor, and I bought the CVS version of GenTeal Moderate Dryness. Visine was a bit too harsh. Aveeno's Ultra Calming products are good for the first few days of extreme redness/soreness.

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cerave cream and/or lotion (if you gotta pick one, cream)

cerave cleanser - much more moisturizing than cetaphil, imo


i like oil cleansers for the shower, like kiehls argan body cleansing oil or shu uemura's cleansing oil

good creamy lotion for body


vitamin d (at least 1000 IU)

vitamin e (at least 200 IU)

b-complex vitamins (i use stress b-complex, it has vitamin c in it)

triple omega oils (fish, flax, borage seed oils)

biocell collagen 2 (hydraplenish is the brand i use. helps with joint pain... has been working wonders on my pain. you only need this if you have pain, though.)

it's best to get vitamins from the foods you eat, but if you can't, def take vitamins.

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