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Newbie on Regimen - Questions/Issues

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Hey Everyone! I am pretty new to acne.org and it is great knowing that there are so many supportive people out there. I am 23 years old and started having issues with acne about two years ago. It is localized to my cheeks and temples and I would say it is mild to moderate in severity.

I started the regimen fifteen days ago and have been experiencing mixed results thus far. I have two questions I was hoping people could help me with

1) I have been experiencing tiny white bumps on my skin since I started the regimen. I am not sure if they are whiteheads or if it is part of the purging process. Should I just disregard them or try to remove them (it is usually pretty easy to do so). I know I shouldn't pick at anything, but I am worried that if I just leave them they will turn into future pimples. Please let me know the best way to deal with them.

2) Since my acne is pretty much localized to the cheek/temple region, should I use the two full pumps of BP for my entire face or should I apply only to the problem regions (cheeks/temples)?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a ton and best of luck to everyone!

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If the bumps look like little whiteheads or pimples, it's more than likely just part of the purging process. Leave them alone, and just keep going. They should clear up on their own.

And BP not only works to help dry up existing acne, it helps to prevent the formation of future acne as well. If you only break out on your cheeks and at your temples, it's up to you whether you only want to treat those areas, in which case, you wouldn't need the full two pumps (you could probably get away with only one).

However, if you mostly break out in those areas, but do occasionally get acne elsewhere, you might want to just treat your whole face as a preventative measure, in which case, you'd work your way up to the full two pumps.

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