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Where do you buy your HCL/hydrochloric acid?

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I went to 2 health stores and a pharmacy and couldn't find it

Where do you buy it?

Why do you need hydrochloric acid..???!

Haha, because in supplement form I'm pretty sure it's used as a digestive aid. I honestly don't know much about it, I just read about it in deadonfive's blog, that it does the same job as apple cider vinegar, but stronger. Unless I remembered the name wrong.

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Uh, from a laboratory? Are you talking about the acid that corrodes metals?

I believe so : / seem to remember using it in chemistry experiements at school.

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Why not just take the ACV? Also, green smoothies (blended greens) will help your body to make more HCL if you're not making enough already. There's a link about green smoothies in my thread with several recipes - I can't recommend them highly enough if you have troubled skin.

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You may not have been able to find it because it's usually sold as Betaine HCl rather than "hydrochloric acid" or HCl. As ABGfairy mentioned, ACV would probably do the trick just as well if not better.

Also, please BE CAREFUL with it. It's quite easy to damage your stomach lining with excess acid; I made that mistake and paid for it bad with IBS-like symptoms that are kept under control (thankfully) with the exclusion of certain foods.

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