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For people who have really oily skin, I mean really oily

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I often have to blot my face with tissue paper or blotting paper..sometimes it's embarrassing to whip out the paper and start blotting. My friend does that often too and it's funny we just stand around and start blotting with tissue paper at the same time, people would probably be wondering "why are they wiping off sweat in an air-conditioned room?".

It's embarrassing on dates. I don't like watching movies when on a date because that would mean 2 hours of non-blotting. 45 minutes of non-blotting already causes my face to look like a greaseball, imagine 2 hours. Same with clubs, it gets so crowded and going to the washroom is such a chore, but I got to do it as my skin gets oily so fast and it's disgusting, especially when in such an environment where I feel compelled to look my best.

I know my friend uses the back of her hand to blot away the oil to avoid getting out the tissue sometimes, but I find that not very hygienic, although I do that sometimes.

I am envious of people who can just rest their face in their hands or kiss each other's cheeks or playfully pinch someone's nose without having to worry about the oil. I hardly touch my face as it's so oily and I am neurotic about people touching my face. I would always swat their hands away whenever they try to do something. It's not just about looking good, but about comfort..having a really oily face is really uncomfortable, any person with oily skin would know.

What do you people with really oily skin do?

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hi, i have very oily skin last time, i mean very very oily as if i can pour it everyday into a bottle. Last time after cleanse, 1hr later my face become oily again, so sad. I tink u have the same problem wit mi when i am in teens.

Then i went to dematologist and took accutane pills and it really absorb those oil and u can feel the total difference after taking it.

But it come with some minor side effects and it depend on individual too, like lips crack often and need to drink plenty of water as i tink the pill suck up the oil and water in my body.

i suggest u go see a dematologist as soon as possible if u don't want acne scars on ur face. And lastly, the accutance pills are not cheap too, for your info.

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I did take accutane pills..once. I can feel the difference almost immediately..but I don't wanan harm my body although the dosage is low. I'm a female so it's worse.

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Oh ya, the doctor warned me before to be careful taking it if you r a woman, as it stated pregency taken will cause deform baby, scary.

R u frm singapore ? if yes, i have went to a traditional chinese doctor and he prescribe me a type of herbs tat work almost same as accutane and expensive as accutane. He also did chinese needle on my back body and after 2 sessions i can feel tat i am like taking accutane indirectly but safer.

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