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Acne Treatments

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Hi, I have been reading a lot of information about different types of treatments for acne.

First of all I would like to find the main cause of acne and whether acne is a Inflammatory condition or Bacterial condidtion in the form of P.acnes.

I think then we can seperate all treatments for acne.

I have a different view on how to cure acne. I believe that the only way to cure it completely is from the INSIDE-OUT. There is many different methods on how to do this.

Hormonal Acne - Excess Hormones created during a hormonal surge need to be broken down by the liver.

However during acne the live only works at 20% efficiency.

So to cure hormonal acne you`ve got two choices:

1) Improve liver function by eating herbs for foods that improve poor digestion and taking the strain off the liver,

to breakdown foods as well as hormones.

2) Add a supplement to support the liver in breaking down the excess hormones flying around the body.

Finding the correct supplement may be extreamly difficult and only correctly chosen by a herbalist.

I have just be prescribed Vitimin B6 (P5P) for my excess estrogens by my herbalist. Detoxifying teas would help purify the blood and remove any toxins in the liver that the liver is struggling to remove.

Imflammatory Acne - If we agree that acne is inflammatory condition then surely,

topical inflammatory lotions are the correct way to go.

Ibroprufen the the capsule form is a anti imflammatory so this may help to reduce the size of lesions.

Anti Inflammatory diet would surely show massize improvment?

Anti Inflammatory vaccine in the future to prevent acne?

Bacteria Acne - We know that P.acnes live and breed on the surface of a skin causing acne,

and that out white blood cells attempt to fight the P.acnes.

However during this proccess the conflict and cause inflammation,

which in time causes a spot to form above the skins level.

Is the best way to prevent and cure acne to apply anti acne bacteria lotions topically to the skin

or to fight the bacteria from the inside out usingn antibiotics with bad side effects?

Tell me what you think..............


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i think if the bacteria is feeding on oil near the surface, then topicals would help.

however, if the infection/inflammation is deep within the skin, then only oral antibiotics/accutane will help.

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Thanks for the reply.

Would you agree with my recommendations for the different types of acne or not?


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what about trying to balance your hormones first, especially if you are female, instead of relying on the liver filter out the excess hormones floating around in the body?

i have been taking vitex (chaste berry) to help with estrogen dominance, and so far i have seen great results with less menstrual cycle related acne and other monthly PMS issues. :dance:

if the vitex didn't work for me, my next plan of attack would have been trying some herbs and supplements to aid my liver, just like you mentioned. and i agree with you, that the cure should be from the inside out.

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Great reply.

If you need advice on which herbs to help improve liver function just post back here and I will be happy to help.

Thanks JonoB

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I can't speak for everyone of cuz, but I think bacterial infection is by far the least common cause of acne. I mean, I think the bacteria exists in everyone, but when u combine that with fast skin cell division + clogged pores + too much sebum, you have acne. You can't get rid of the bacteria.. you need it in fact.

I think restoring hormonal balance, and detoxifying the liver is a good strategy.

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You need to address all the factors, although they will have varying effects on different people as we all have slightly different things going on in our bodies. Which is why I made this thread:


But all our acne is hormone related. And the bacteria is the least important. You have to have acne first in order for the bacteria to infect it.

Also, you left out hyperkeratinization/hyperproliferation, which is probably the most important factor.

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