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what am i doing wrong...

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today is day 14 for me on accutane 40mg a day

So i had a few pauples come up in the past week.. they came to a head so i popped them (carefully). I have always done this.. then they will sometimes scab.. turn pink and go away. I was always ok with that.... but now its being different...

They scabbed over just like normal and i left those alone... when i go to bed i put moistureizer on my face so it doesnt dry up.. when i have woken up the past few days the scabs are soft piece of skin keep falling off when i wash my face in the morning.. so they its just an exposed pink area.

So then i thought ok.. ill have a pink mark on my face for awhile till it goes away like always. Then the next morning, there was no scab just pink mark still.. but when I washed my face skin started peeling off the pink area.

Is this a good or bad thing... any way to prevent it?

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easier explanation..

acne dried up... scabbed peeled off and left big pink spot. Bump and everything gone just pink area. Now every morning in shower when it gets wet, or i put moisturizer on the area the skin softens and peels off the pink area.


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it seems like whenever I wake up in the morning the skin on and around the area where I had acne just peels off and the pink underneath just shows again.

When the skin peels off.. is this slowing down the process of the skin to go back to the original color or when they fall off are they making the skin remain pink?

(the area i am talking about is on my cheeks)

because the areas where I had acne on my jawline peeled for one day.. then never peeled again and the pink marks are almost already gone from those.

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