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PLEASE HELP!!Questions

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Hello People,

So I Been on Dans Regimen for about 4 months..

so this July 5th I will be going to disney world (for my little brothers bday)

& Of course they will be ALOT OF SUN..pools..ect..not a good thing if u use the regimen

so my Questions are

?what should I do when im going in the pool or in water,should I just let the regimen go away with the water?

?& second I know the BP makes the skin a bit sensitive..what can i do there..sunblock?

Thanks & Respect

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In Dan's FAQ, he answers the questions about the pool by stating:

"The consensus on the message boards seems to be that swimming does not adversely affect acne and a third routine is not warranted. A member of this site wrote me and asked that I also add that your skin may become very dry after a swim, so although you may not need to apply bp again, be sure to bring a moisturizer along."

Also, your going to probably sweat a bit while walking around Disney - it's crazy hot here right now - so Dan says if you use the BP in the morning and sweat within a few hours after applying it your face may have a milky white residue (b/c his BP is a cream base, as oppossed to to gel)- just dab it off with a paper towel.

Yes, definetly use a sunscreen for when you are outside - Florida sun is killer. Try and wear a hat at Disney to block the sun from your sensitive skin.

Most of all, have fun for the short time your there! Ride Space Mountain - it's a classic.

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Yeah LQP summed it up for you nicely, except that the BP is actually the other way around. Dan's is a gel base, so if you use his instead of NOTS, you shouldn't have to worry about the white residue. As for sunblock, I would definitely recommend the Olay Complete for sensitive skin SPF 15. Great SPF ingredients in there.

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Yea bro LQP is ryte..its crazy hot out here ryte now.

have fun..Disney is awsome..i worked there for a while and goin to the parks every wknd never got old lol.

enjoy the vacation.

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