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Michael Jackson, Super Star Passed Away and Dream Lasts Forever

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Michael Jackson, Super Star Passed Away and Dream Lasts Forever

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There is no one that can rock the world just like Michael Jackson; there is no other than Michael Jackson that can magnetize audience just like him. Every single world or action of him attracted attention across the world. As almost a fully-talented as well as fancy man, he achieved what other music people could only feel too far to catch up with. That is Michael Jackson!

On June 25th, 2009, Michel Jackson, this super star of pop music died of Heart attack at 50 years old according to Los Angeles Times.

Global depression of the world challenged all human beings, and average people must try hard for living. It seemed that we are going further away from our dream, but we never fail to realize that dream can sustain all the faith and longing for life and future. Our hero, Michael Jackson did so, and he achieved so. He was, he has been and he will be the greatest musician and the king, the master of music all over the world. It is his dream that prides himself. He succeeded as a black boy, how come we cannot?

The super star passed away and the dream never lapse. And his music still lingers in our ears. Let’s follow the path of our king and refresh those touched songs and magic moves.

The Jackson 5, I Want You Back

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In 1964, Jackson started signing at the band - Jackson Brothers, and the group's name was changed to The Jackson 5 in 1966. "I Want You Back" was the only single from The Jackson 5's first album, Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5, which was released in December 1969. The song reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in January (from January 23 to January 31), 1970. It was the first song written and produced by "The Corporation" from Motown. The group set a chart record when its first four singles ("I Want You Back", "ABC", "The Love You Save" and "I'll Be There") peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

The Jackson 5 was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997 and the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 1999. "I Want You Back" was also inducted in Grammy Hall of Fame in 1999. In addition, two of their songs ("ABC" and "I Want You Back") are among The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll.

The video is available on YouTube: and on dailymotion:

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Billie Jean

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Billie Jean is a 1983 hit single from his Thriller album, which is topped both the US and UK charts simultaneously. In 1984, Michael received two Grammy Awards in the categories Best Male R&B Vocal Performance and Best New Rhythm & Blues Song along with another song “Beat itâ€. This song was a worldwide commercial and critical success; considered one of the most revolutionary songs in history and was certified platinum in 1989.

"Billie Jean" sealed Jackson's status as an international pop icon. This song is considered one of the most revolutionary songs in the history of pop music which is also referenced by performers such as Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown and Usher.

The song and corresponding music video propelled Thriller into the best-selling album of all time. The song was promoted with a short film that broke down MTV's racial barrier as the first video by a black artist to be aired by the channel and a performance on Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever, in which Jackson premiered "the moonwalk" which is called backslide too.

After then, this dance move gained widespread popularity as well as considered his signature move. As Stern and Stern wrote in their 1992 Encyclopedia of Pop Culture, Michael Jackson's signature moonwalk "became the single best-known bit of celebrity body language since the four Beatles.

Whenever, we will remember the incredible talent that this man possessed in all of his life. As an artist, he created so many amazing music and dance moves. His top 2 masterpieces, in my opinion, Off The Wall and Thriller are the best. He will be there in our mind for good and never leave far away. Just one word for him: Thanks for all you gave us!

More CDs for you:

Michael Jackson 25th Anniversary of Thriller

Number Ones

Micheal Jackson – Moonwalker

Off the Wall

Get all Michael Jackson’s DVDs onto your iPod, iPhones, and other portable devices:

More online videos for you:

Michael Jackson - Thriller

Michael Jackson - Billie Jean

Michael Jackson 25th Anniversary Thriller Teaser Video

Michael Jackson - Remember The Time

Music Videos

Album Thriller

Micheal Jackson On Britains Got Talent

We Are the World

In 1985, Michael Jackson has done a magnificent feat of international charity. At that time, Africa is in hunger, tens of thousands of children are threatened by famine. Africa people started to give up making efforts for survival, because everything seems to have been in vain. Against this background, Michael Jackson called on United States recording “We Are the World†as a sponsor singer.

"We Are the World" was released worldwide to aid the poor in Africa and the US. Michael Jackson was one of 39 music celebrities who performed on the record. The single became one of the best-selling singles of all time, with nearly 20 million copies sold and millions of dollars donated to famine relief.

The arrangement created a dramatic effect by having the entire group sings together only after many of the celebrity singers are revealed in solo parts through two repetitions of the chorus and the bridge is sung by Michael Jackson, Huey Lewis, Kim Carnes, and Cyndi Lauper.

The recording session in January 1985 was held during and after the American Music Awards. Michael Jackson skipped the American Music Awards ceremony that night to record the chorus of the song as a guide to the other artists.

"We Are the World" was collected in Michael Jackson’s The Ultimate Collection, and Humanitarian themes later became a central component of Michael Jackson’s life and music after he wrote the charity anthem "We Are the World".

Purchasing DVD site:

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Get all Michael Jackson’s DVDs onto your iPod, iPhones, and other portable devices:

Video sources:

Black or white

"Black or White" was released on November 1991. It was the first single taken from Michael Jackson's Dangerous album. This single is regarded as the biggest selling rock song of the 1990s. "Black or White" is a symbol of mix of Hard rock, dance and Hip Hop.

Black or white was written, composed, and arranged by Jackson and the rap lyrics were edited by Bill Bottrell. This song promotes racial unity. The song's introduction and main riff, reminiscent of that of "Hurts So Good" by John Mellencamp are performed by guitarist Slash and Bill Bottrell.

The song peaked at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 and the UK Singles Chart, as well as in 18 other countries.

Point at the racism to declare the black and the white are equal.

Download address:

You can buy the single from iTunes

You are not alone, my lost child.

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“Another day has gone, I’m still all alone. How could this be? You never said goodbye, someone tell me why?†finally this lonely child, this lost child gone.

In 1995, when “You are not alone†was released it occupied the NO.1 of the top popular songs list. It is also the only one which occupied the top as soon as it was released. As the second single song of “Historyâ€, this song was released in world area at August 1995. In Britain, this song achieves over 400,000 copies Gold Record Certification and becomes the second succeed single song of Michael Jackson instead of “Heal the Worldâ€. In American, this song broke a series of records in Billboard’s history and sold out 1000,000 copies finally get Platinum Certification.

People like this song because of the touching melody and impressive voice, but have you ever thought that Michael might sing this song for himself. When he was accused of child molestation, people left him. People forget how beautiful his song is, and forget how wonderful his moon walking is. And nobody ever notice that Michael Jackson got hurt. As a super star, he was doomed to be lonely. Whatever he said to an adult will be sensational news and numerous gossips. That may be why he prefers to play with children. When he was persecuted by the boy, sense of deserted overwhelmed him and he got totally lost.

“We pray for our fathers, pray for our mothers, wishing our families well. We sing songs for the wishing, of those who are kissing, but not for the missing. So this one’s for all the lost children, this one’s for all the lost children, wishing them well and wishing them home.†------- “The lost childrenâ€.

Wish our exhausted hero get comforted in the haven of heaven, and never feel lonely .

“You are not aloneâ€




“The lost Childrenâ€




Get all Michael Jackson’s DVDs onto your iPod, iPhones, and other portable devices:

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The King died and we sigh for it. Is this the only thing we can do? Could you just let all the rhythms pass by and sealed finally by the elapse of time? That should not be a way to show our respect and even reverence for our hero. We need to do something to keep all his music and moves for a memory of eternity.

There is no way for us to enjoy his prime on the stage again; we can still pondering the magic moonwalk and the beat of “Beat it†with the MTV and live. We can upload the videos onto website and Facebook to memorize the greatest musician of legend. We are not urged to do anything; we have the aspiration to keep our king and his music beside with us forever.

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It has been a sad day.

The night before he died a weird thing happen. My fiance and I were getting ready for bed and without any reason "heal the world" by michael jackson popped in my head. I havent heard that song in like 5 years and dont really think about micheal jackson that often. I didn't know why but i just had to youtube that video right then and there. My fiance was grumbling wanting me to come to bed. But I watched it and it made me cry. And then as I was getting into bed I said "ya know micheal jackson is a really weird guy but I bet he didnt molest those kids hes just......weird." my fiance rolled his eyes and we went to bed and that was the last thing we talked about before we fell asleep.

When i heard of the news the next day the hair on my arm stood up and my fiance a big micheal jackson fan was shocked hurt and totally creeped out that I just had to watch heal the world last night.

It is really sad. Look at when elvis died, i'll bet they will be reviewing michaels death for years just like they did with elvis. The king of rock dead and now the king of pop is dead too and they were not even that old. And no matter what anyone says justin timberlake cannot replace michael jackson....he only wishes.

rest in peace michael you will never be forgotten

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