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Acne wasn't so bad when I was younger. But now as I grow older it seems like everything I do is now made worse by my acne. Especially in this last week.

First, its summer and it is my first summer being 16 so my mom said go get a job or you have to work in the yard every day. So of course I went job hunting. I get all dressed up (Shirt, Tie, Dress Pants, etc etc.) just to pick up applications, drop off applications, anything at all really. But, every place has called back and said that they would not hire me because they need a more personable person. This translates into my acne. I am very personable, and showed them that during interviews and applications. I guess because of my acne I can't go and sell someone something, or ring them up at a grocery store? What is the world coming to?

Secondly, Transformers 2 came out this week as you all are aware of ha. I want to see it really bad, and I figured why not ask some friends right? All my friends are used to going to the movies with girls. Movies = dates to them. So they said sure, just bring a girl and I'm down. Yeah, like that's going to happen. I just want to see the movie, but because of my acne I can't even get a girl. I'd rather see it with a girl then with friends, but I can't even do that. I feel like acne is ruining my highschool. My parents always tell me stories about their good times and parties and girlfriends/boyfriends in highschool. I haven't experienced any of this.

As of right now, I'm in my second week of summer and I haven't seen a friend yet. All i've done is sat inside playing video games, and sometimes in the mornings go look for a job. I'm 16 with a brand new car and it is SUMMER. NO SCHOOL. And I play video games because I'm too self conscious to go out. I'm afraid of people seeing my face. There's plenty of girls who like my personality and want to go chill and hang out. But I'm scared of meeting them, or of them seeing my new acne ridden face instead of the old perfect face I used to have.

I'm sorry if this makes no sense, I'm just so tired of all this. I want no acne, I want the old me.

Fuck acne.


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Dog, brand new car? What kind? Damn I know how you feel. Knowing theres soo much things out there that you can do. But acne is holding you back like a dog on a leash. I know that exact feeling. By the way, are you a junior or a sophmore?

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You should call one of those girls and take her out. You have a ride and a movie you want to see. She will notice the acne, but it's up to her whether or not it will be a problem. Give yourself a chance before calling it quits.

If you have plenty of girls that want to hang out, then your phone should be blowing up. If you don't act on it, they might forget about you and find another guy that's interested in hanging out. Of course you are interested, but they don't know that. I know that you may feel self-conscious about your acne, but ultimately, you decide how long it's going to hold you down.

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