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When did YOU grow out of acne?

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For the mods

Please mods. I know this isn't the right forum, but this the best forum to ask this question!

Many of the people in this forum have outgrown acne (i think) and the "acne research" forum isn't very popular, my post will not have as many responses.

As you know, mods, this question intrigues the HELL out of many of us. We've looked in many places for this answer, but we always get ambiguous answers, answers by people who never suffered acne, etc.

So I would like to ask this question in a very specific way and I think this is the best place to ask it. I know I'm not the only one who wants to ask this and get a clear answer for once. So please don't remove this topic from this forum.


The question

What is your gender and when did YOU (if you have) grow out of acne?

Not when do most people typically do, not when your parents did, YOU.

We all also know some people never grow out of it, no need to mention it.

And if you grew out of it to a point where you only get say, 4 zits every year it counts as growing out of it.

I said "YOU", but if you could also mention someone who you have PERSONALLY witnessed growing out of acne, like a sibling it would be appreciated

Sorry if I sounded rude or something. I never write like that, I just wanted to be clear.

Thank you if you do answer

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I'm a male 21 year old. Grew out of acne probably my senior year in high school, around 18 years old. I wouldn't say my acne was too bad, possibly moderate, but the only thing that worked for me was accutane. I'm very surprised that my dermatologist prescribed it to me, as I did not have a serious case, but I'm glad he gave it to me. It cleared me up within months. Since then I haven't had a pimple. Maybe the occasional zit but that comes around once in a blue moon.

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