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Less BP means more redness?

I've been on the regimen for over 1 month now. I'm actually acne clear. I wasn't expecting it to work this fast, but it did. No acne, no redness, no flakes. nothing.

Anyways, yesterday I decided to cut back on the amount of BP that I used on my face. (From 1 and a half pumps to just 1)

When I put on the moisturizer, my face started stinging. Then the redness came. I know early in the regimen, you can expect it to sting and to turn red as your skin adjusts to the BP.

but my question is, if you start to apply less BP then normal, do you have to go through another 'adjustment' phase?

I Know this is going to get asked, so here is what I use.

Dan's cleanser

wait 5 minutes.

Dan's BP

wait 20 minutes.

Cetaphil moisturizer + Jojoba oil

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This isn't typical, that's for sure. Did you by chance get any sun exposure in the past few days, or can you think of any reason why your skin would be more sensitive than usual?

Typically, when people have a lot of redness with the Regimen and they decrease the bp, the redness lessens.

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I have gotten more sun then usual.

When I go out in the sun I use: Olay complete moisture lotion (SPF 15).

Any ideas so I dont get lobster face red?

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hmm, thought I read somewhere that dan said that anything above 20 is useless.

I didnt think 20 minutes of sun will do that though...

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wait longer than 20 minutes after you put bp on....then use your moisturizer...but not a lot

the same exact thing happened to me so i stopped using the moisturizer for a while because i looked like a sun dried tomato!

so if you lose less of the cetaphil ...and wait long after u put bp on..u should be okay

but remember it takes about a week for your face to adjust to a mild change...so ease your way up to a higher dose of cetaphil

oh and you might not want to put the moisturizer all over your face...just put it on the dry spots...for now

sun exposure can really mess up the regimen (at least for me) so be sure to put lotttts of sunscreen on!

hope i helped =]

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