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Skin clearing advice *ALOE*

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Hello, this is my first post. I have read a lot of stories on the boards here of many that suffer terribly by the effects of their skin issues. I wanted to just share with you what is working great for me. I hope it helps you.

A little background. I am a 31 year old male that had I would say moderate acne in my teen years to college. I now tend to have an occasional breakout and get oily skin at times. I did though do tons of research on ways to improve my skin. I never wanted to use prescribed drugs and have always looked for natural ways to remedy my skin. This is what I have been following and it has worked wonders for my skin.

The first thing I have to say is that diet definitely has played a role in improving my skin. Our bodies, work a lot harder to break down and fight certain ingredients in foods.

If you take these items out of your diet you will see an improvement in your skin.

#1 Vegatable Oil - this is in so many foods like (chips, cookies, cakes, etc.) Look at the ingredients when you buy foods and stay away from anything with vegatable oil, or hydrogenated vegetable oil etc. Your liver works harder to break this down and it causes havoc like a poison.

#Fried Food- no need for explaination. Also remove skin from meat.

#3 Dairy- I will drink 1% milk with cereal, but without question CHEESE is the number 2 thing to cut. This is not necessary and more of a luxury. Cheese is another GI issue that causes problematic skin. I've noticed that FETA cheese with Greek Salads are ok. Avoid american cheese.

#3 Processed Foods- TV dinners, hot dogs, hamburger meat (in excess), chicken nuggets.

#4 Alcohol - it's hard but limit consumption

Side note- found that Green Tea caused my skin to get oily.

What you should eat.

Fruits, Chicken, TURKEY! Substitute for hamburger but get ground turkey breast, Veggies, RAW Nuts (walnuts, brazilian nuts, sunflower seeds) , Yogurt.


WATER, Juices 100% pure, Odwalla drinks, heard good things about Peppermint tea.

Cleaning Theory

This is where everyone focuses, and I seriously think this is where the problem lies. SOAP, Scrubbing, lotions, ointments, cleaning pads, gels, etc.

The fact is I think soaps and such help cause the problems. I had a theory once, that the soap companies were working together to cause this money making epidemic of ACNE.

I've tried a lot of things but without question have found that less is more.

My Regimen

This has by far done wonders for the tone, quality, and complection of my skin. I've noticed dramatic improvements and believe that this could be so helpful to many of you that have oily skin.

First- Throw out your soap. It's too harsh strips needed oils from our face.

Buy some wash cloths. I wash my face once in the morning and once at night. I use a hot wash cloth without soap, I only use the water and I pat my face with it, no scrubbing! Just keep laying the cloth on your face for about a minute or so. I then splash my face with cold water. This would be for a normal day.

If you are around smoke or get soiled, I have found two things that are good. Johnson Head to Toe Baby wash. It's unscented and not soap. Be very gentle with cleaning and use it as you are dabbing your face, not scrubbing. Don't let it stay on too long or you will dry out your skin.

Aveeno Skin Brightening Daily Scrub is also great. I use this maybe once a week to exfoliate, but be very gentle and remove quickly.

After you have washed your skin, preferably the wash cloth, the next step is the most important. ALOE. Get yourself a some 100 % Aloe Vera. I have Fruit of the Earth. It's very cheap and is the do all miracle ingredient. It acts as a moisterizer, healer, and toner in one!

After cleansing, shower or sink, lather your face with the aloe. I usually use two squirts, one for each side, but I don't think you can use to much, it's great stuff! Any excess I use and wipe the backs of my arms or dry areas of my back.

I put the aloe on in the morning after washing with my shower and at night, washing up before bed.

If I do have an imperfection that is a developing or there, I will use the BP that Dave sells on this site. That is the only thing I use on here, and I usually put the BP on first then some Aloe.

If you get home an your face is feeling a little oily, just go to the sink and splash some cool water on your face. It will dry right up. No need for harsh asstringents.

Also, when i'm in the shower I use a cotton exfoliating glove you can get at the dollar store or anywhere and use a normal body wash, or J&J body wash. This takes away the dead skin on your body and makes it smooth, which prevents body breakouts.

Other uses for the Aloe!

I use the aloe not only as my daily moisturizer, but I use it for my styling gel! My old hair products had chemicals that would sometimes break my forehead out or dry out my hair. Aloe is great!

Shaving... I use a Mach 3 to shave and I have to shave every day b/c of my sales profession.

I was using Aveeno Ultra Calming Shave Gel, but just recently started using the Aloe gel. I wet my face real well with warm water and liberally put on the aloe. I found it to be a great shave, and i'm taking out the soap.

Finishing thoughts

I think soap is the enemy. I believe that diet plays a big role in the quality of ones skin. I also believe that Aloe Vera is a miracle remedy and has so many useful qualities.

I am 31 years old, but I look like i'm 25 with youthful clear skin.

I hope this helps some of you, and let me know if any of you try my regimin and have any success.

Good luck and God bless to all.

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