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Gonna try and take a driver's license

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In Sweden you can take a driver's license at 18. I'm 23 and I still haven't taken mine. Acne is the reason for that. While I don't have really bad acne anymore (mostly redness and scars) I'm still sensitive about my skin, and while I applaud myself for having gone to the driving school and signed up, bought books and lessons, I can't help but to feel stupid.

Having to sit right next to a person that close (and she's a pretty attractive woman!) is going to be hell. I'm sure she's mostly going to be busy making sure that I don't kill us by heading straight into a wall or something, but I'm certainly not looking forward to it. Not only do I have to worry about having to learn a million of different sane and insane traffic rules and whatnot, I ALSO have to be nervous for being in a car with some good looking person.

If I'm walking on the streets and I feel someone looking at me, I always have the option to look away, or run away, if I feel that's nessessary :P but in a car there's nowhere for me to go. I do not want to keep failing at taking a driver's license since it's rather costly, but I'm almost 100% sure that I WILL fail, because of me using up all the adrenaline I get from driving, worrying about my face.

Driving around in a possible deathtrap while wanting to hide my face so bad is going to make me sweat, which isn't going to make my face look any better, which is going to make me sweat even more. I'm undoubtedly gonna give her weird looks from time to time, wanting to know if she's secretly staring at my face in the same kind of disgust that popular people in school used to do.

She's gonna think I'm a sweaty, excited pervert that's checking her out.


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Yeah feel for you there. I generally hate cars with acne.

Mirrors and closeness. Just deal with it all i can think of haha best of luck =)

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Like you say, the likelihood is that she'll be too busy watching the road and making sure you're doing all the right things to be able to sit there and stare at you. Driving instructors see so many people that they'll have encountered all sorts of skin types, I'm sure. I highly doubt she'll think you're some sort of freakish pervert! Obviously it's natural to be nervous when you're learning to drive, so I doubt she'll think anything of it if you do get anxious.

I do feel for you, though. I've been putting off getting driving lessons not because of having to sit in such close proximity to someone (although I agree that it's not a nice prospect), but mainly because I just don't want to see myself in the mirror. My reason would sound ridiculous to anyone else, but, to me it's a big deal.

Remember though... if you're convinced that you'll fail, then you probably will. Try to have some confidence that you'll be ok and that you are capable of passing... and think of the extra freedom that being able to drive will allow you! It's definately worth putting up with the temporary uncomfortable situation for the long-term benefits.

Good luck. And don't crash... ;)

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Concentrate on what's important. You're taking a driving test. Your mind needs to be focused on the road. She's the instructor, and her attention will be on how you perform. Why don't you tell her she is pretty after you pass the test? Be forward in your approach, and say what you need to say.

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