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Does Complex 15 also prevent wrinkles? How about aloe vera?

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I'm trying to find a good moisturizer. I've heard TONS of good things about complex 15, but I really want something that will help fight aging too. I'm young, but I want to start early.

I've also heard of aloe vera juice being a good moisturizer but I'm not sure. Does it really keep skin hydrated without breaking it out? Should I just buy the complex 15??

Also, anyone use olive oil or anything like that? Oils scare me, but if they work for a lot of people, it might be worth a shot

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* was just about to comment in your page when I noticed you posted here LOL* I have found that aloe vera *to me* is actually drying, I have used Jason's 98% moisturizing gel and while my face doesn't seem dry its not very moisturized. Its what some women would describe as a matte finish. I prefer my skin to be very moisturized that's why I love using the neutrogena sensitive moisturizer though it as I said makes me nervous with the petroleum in it but I can't use it twice a day.

I think just finding a good spf 15 will really help you to prevent wrinkles, and the complex 15 though not an spf does seem like a good pick because squalene helps with sun damage and I believe free radicals and reversing skin damage..You would do probably better just looking up squalene or squalane. *same thing just took from different places from what I read* Not sure your age but I really think spf and a good gentle cleanser that doesn't strip your skin would be your best route. If you want you could put on the aloe vera at night and help more with acne. I say this because I find it really to find a night cream but since I used *going back in august* Origins plantidote line *man I feel like i'm pushing this product I hahaha* it really helps with fine lines and prevents any aging. Its very moisturizing but it oddly seemed to work good for a lot of acne prone people. *

I think you really can't go wrong with an spf in the daytime and a moisturizer at night or just the aloe vera if you are really serious about preventing wrinkles. ;) I think after our convo you should at least give the complex a try, just on one cheek or your chin even for a week to see if you have any adverse reactions. You could probably use the complex day and night and it will solve your preventing wrinkle problem just like that...as long as it doesn't break you out that is.

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Thanks! After our chat I will definitely be trying out the Complex 15. I think aloe vera is good for healing and such, but I'm not sure that it'd do much for active acne or so I've read.

Also, I think people, including myself, are starting to become a little overly paranoid about some of the stuff in products. A concentrated amount of one ingredient from a product on mice skin showed to promote tumors...but it doesn't mean that combined with other ingredients and put upon HUMAN skin, that it'll have the same affect. Seriously, how many cases do you hear of where someone developed cancer after using a special face wash or lotion for years? I think the only thing that I'm going to be concerned with are perhaps things that may have an irritating effect on MY skin or worry about things that have guaranteed negative results with prolonged use - like BP. It causes free radicals and ages the skin. If you use it for an extremely long period of time...it WILL age your skin more quickly. Things like that...

I'm only 22, but I want to start young to keep myself looking young. Once I get more cash, I'm sure I can always part take in eye serums and stuff that will help in addition to the complex 15 (assuming it works) We'll see. I'm going to go buy some today!

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hahaha we are more alike than I thought thats the same reason I stopped using BP and all other topicals. I worried about premature aging too i'm 26 and after having used proactiv and the nightime clarifying lotion of theirs for a year and a half I had dry lines and my forehead had either really fine lines*only I noticed* or dry lines its hard to tell sometimes. It really ticked me off though because I was consistent and faithful to the program. I used the origins plantidote line and my skin was back to normal pronto *4 weeks it was great* I stopped it for a week even and it seems to have healed my skin from my dry lines/fine lines. *i'm going back in August but I want to find something that doesn't seem to do that plump firming thing to my cheeks LOL. I have a pic or two under my created posts about does anyone else use origins. That's how my skin looked,loved my skin, just thought my cheeks were more on the fuller side. That squalene/squalane really is great stuff IMO.

Anyways I wish you luck..again LOL.

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