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Heya guys (:

Well i started wapak's - Pore unclogging 101 - method.

'- Pore unclogging 101 -

Step 1. Simply steam your face for 10-13 minutes. This will

open all your pores and all the impurities and skin cells will

be BEGGING to come off.

Step 2. Mix 75% baking soda with 25% water, it will turn into

a soft white pasty scrub. Use this to GENTLY massage your face

immediately after steaming. Baking soda is extreme basic and

will suck all the dead skin cells and impurities from your face.

Step 3. Rinse with cold water, apply toner

( I use 50% ACV - 50% water, but any toner will do)

The FIRST day after you do this, your skin will appear worse.

This is because everything that was about to 'come out' is

coming out.'

Well, i have very sensitive skin and when I reach step 2 and apply the baking soda my face seems to burn and get very red around my face.

Could anybody suggest a solution for my problem ? e.g. something else besides from baking soda (:

Thank yuu to everyone in advance :D

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Guest missyjean130

Tried this once and it didn't help.The baking soda was way too harsh.Made my skin all red and itchy but nothing was "coming out"

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Guest missyjean130

Blackheads are a pain in the ass.Period.

Chemical peels did a lot for mine back when I was getting those done...My apple cider vinegar toner...retinoids,those all help to a certain extent.

I ordered a korean peel-off mask...basically made of charcoal and vinyl.Same concept as pore strips except made for your entire face and charcoal is suppose to suck the stuff out better.We'll see how that goes.

So far the best method of blackhead removal: Blackhead extraction via facial

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i heard about this a couple months ago and i have tried the steaming, baking soda scrub, and toner at least a dozen times. It does seem to make my face smooth at first, but it only lasts a couple days and the baking soda does burn like crazy if i dont get it all washed off. I have heard that baking powder and confectioners sugar are suppossed to be gentler.

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