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weight gainers and working out

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Wats up ppl.

so a couple months back I would work out with my bro in law and was also drinking a weight gainer. The weight gainers do work but i stopped drinking them because it looked as if it were breakin me out (maybe it wasnt but i use to be real paranoid at the time since my face looked so bad lol). Im pretty clear now thx to Dan's products and regimen..it really keeps things under control. Anyways..i started to work out again (decided to stop bein lazy and really stick to it) and was wonderin if i should start with the weight gainers again since the regimen helps me out with preventing break outs (im too skinny..i dont look 20). wat do u guys think? has any1 dealt with breakin out over weight gainer shakes or even protien shakes would help..i jus wanna gain a lil more weight..nothing too serious lol.

also, im tryin to concentrate on the abs (yes ladies lmao)..i kno most ppl say to get abs u need to lose the fat first and blah blah blah but reminder im already skiiny..not much fat on me lol so if u have any tips on some exercises or on how many crunches/sit ups a day or w.e feel free to give some advice. i also do push ups (hate em..but they work) and i have that kool pull up thingy that hangs on the door frame u see in the commercials (i really like it incase any1 else was wonderin on if it worked).

sry i kno i kno..i write too much. it jus happens :shrug: lol

but acne.org has answers on everything..its crazy (luv this site). so i thot yaz could help me out.



i know most ppl are gunna say to just test it out and see if it will break me out but the thing is that they are jus too damn expensive to buy and then have to give away cuz of it breaking me out lol. thats why i wanna kno if any1 has some info off of experience.

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Weight gainers are very different from formula to formula.

Some are full of cheap proteins, fat and sugar. Others use high quality ingredients with balanced portions of macronutrients.

Unless you know how to read and interpret the label/ingredient list, you'd be better off avoiding them.

You should just buy a whey isolate (or a protein source which won't break you out), and make homemade gainer shakes with oats (either ground or whole), flax seed oil, yogurt, cottage cheese and stuff like that.

It's just an easier way to take in shitloads of calories in one sitting, so if you have a good appetite, you won't even need to bother making shakes

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protein shakes and weight gainers will not break you out..... if you are experiencing a breakout while you exercise and weight it most likely can be directed to an increase in your tesotorone levels from the increase in muscle you have gained or are gaining.... but to say protein shakes or weight gainers directly is causing you to break out is simply not true

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Weight gainers are just a marketing gimmick.

Get a high quality whey protein isolate, and eat rice/pasta/potatoes/oat/wheat or any other source of carbohydrates. It does the same job and is probably cheaper per serving.

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