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Products I can pick up at CVS for mild adult acne

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I have been trying various products and none seem to work. I have very mild acne but it is consistent. I always have a few pimples or blemishes, when one goes away another one comes up. They are pretty annoying and noticeable. I am going to CVS tomorrow and want to pick up some stuff but have no clue what to get. I have been using these OXY pads and a neutrogena facial wash (not sure if that's how it's spelled) but it hasn't been working. I was going to try the Regime but I think that would be too harsh on my skin and can't afford to go through the period for a few weeks where it is worse.

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Is your acne inflamed or uninflamed? This greatly impacts what treatment you should use. If you mostly get inflamed pimples (if you don't know what they are, Google is your friend), you'll be well off with a BP cream: PanOxyl makes a great gel, and ZapZyt's got a pretty decent one as well. Acnomel (sulfur-based) also works well for some people. These are generally the best acne products you'll get in a drugstore; personally I think a lot of the pads/salicyclic acid treatments there are total bunk. Also check out Queen Helene's mint julep masque - won't clear you 100% if at all, but will help control oil and make your skin feel clean, soft and refreshed.

If it's uninflamed, I would definitely recommend a stronger AHA, which you probably have to buy online. I recommend MaMa lotion.

I looked online and I think it would be considered inflamed. Along with PanOxyl what else would I look into? Should I pick up a moisturizer, cleanser and other stuff or just go with one thing? I will also be adding ACV to this

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