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Apple Cider Vinager

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Hello All,

This is on behalf of those of us who have acne under control but are struggling to get rid of red marks post acne.

I currently use Nutregena oil free acne face wash in the morning and evening and a little BP at night. Thats all. My breakouts are over.

I want to get rid of the red marks and I read that ACV works wonders? Those who have successfullyused it - can you please share the process? What brand do you buy? How do you apply it? How long did it take to see results? Anything and everything about it?

Thank you all

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Guest missyjean130

I first mixed 2 parts water and 1 part acv until my skin was used to it,and I now use 50/50 concentrations but instead of water I brew strong green tea with lemon peel.

I use it twice a day and do not rinse it off. I use it like regular toner. I hear people say the smell lingers but that's never happened to me and I'm constantly around my boyfriend and he never smells it on me.

I just buy the cheapest bottle off the shelf of walgreens.

I saw results in just a few months,it exfoliates well, my blackheads have never gotten terrible since I've been on it...but I do have some teeny tiny ones sprinkled on my nose.

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