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Those on Spiro what else are you doing

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I have started Spiro and heading into 1 month on it. I got a sudden onset adult acne but it was Cystic. Tried a few topicals for 5 weeks and they just made me a MILLION times worse during that time I was also on Doxy but that obviosly did not help. So now I am on Spiro cause I thought better then BCP at age 37. I am trying to be patient my skin just won't stop. It has calmed down a TON since the other RX's but not where I want it to be and of course it has left me with all these hyperpigmentation marks. Someone please lift me up!

So anyway....I also started the Acne.org Regimen although I am not at 2 pumps twice daily only 1.5 pumps at night. I recently backed off the BP and just been using the acne.org AHA. Derm said NOT to load up on BP that is can actually irritate and contribute to the acne just use a pea size she said. But that is not what acne.org regimen is all about so I am torn. I don't really like the BP but can tolerate in a "normal" dose.

Question is should I just cleanse and moisturize and let the Spiro work or should I chase after it with BP too?

Thanks for advice and helpful tips and pats on the back. I just hate this!


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After Bactrim quit working, I started Spiro eight days ago (and continued with the Bactrim). I had a somewhat manageable breakout at the time. By Monday my skin looked worse than it has EVER looked and wanted to put a bag on my face to go into work. I called my doctor and BEGGED for Levaquin. It is the nuclear weapon of antibiotics. It has cleared the breakout - in TWO DAYS! I've stopped the Bactrim (since it wasn't working anyway), will continue with the Levaquin (only have a 10 day prescription) and hope the Spiro kicks in before that runs out.

Other than that only use soap and water on my face, take stress B complex, 2 grams of Vitamin C, 25,000 units of Vitamin A, omega 3 fish oil, and TRY and lay off the coffee (it seems to increase oil production for me).

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Personally, I don't really use anything else- well, meaning acne products. I use Clean & Clear BP if needed but haven't really even needed that.

Only other thing I use is Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Pads (AHA/BHA product) to help reduce redness and over clearity.

I cleanse with Purpose Gentle Cleanser and moisturize with Dermalogica Intenive Moisture Balance and that's it. No more acne crap to deal with! :)

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