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regimen -> redness

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alright, so im on the acne.org regimen, the only difference is that i wash my face with ACV every morning and evening.

now this method works like hell, seriously, ive never accomplished so much progress, my face look 10 times better in only 2 days time.

so i really want to keep using this.

the only downside: redness, very very much redness, it constantly looks like i burned my face in sunlight!

so what can i do to reduce redness?

could it be the combination of ACV and BP that causes it?

or maybe the fact that i can only get 5% BP? (2.5% isnt sold in my country)

please give me advice, this regimen works rediculously good, but such a red head just looks so stupid.


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If you're using ACV instead of a cleanser, you're not doing The Regimen.

From the Biggest Mistakes page:

  • Not using the right products for the job: the Regimen does not work with 10% bp, moisturizers that contain comedogenic oils, exfoliating cleansers that can irritate, or irritating shavers. For best results use the recommended products.

  • Adding in other products or steps: it is important that you wait until you are completely clear before adding in other products or steps to the Regimen. After you are completely clear, it is safe to add in 1 variable at a time and see how your skin will react. If you add in other products or steps before you are completely clear, there is an extra variable that is uncontrolled. If you should not clear up, you will not know if it is because of the extra variable or because of something else.

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