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Hi Everyone! I have been a lurker for a very long time, but am making my first post right now. Everyone's pictures and stories have really encouraged me to take the plunge.

My story! I am 23 years old, but have had acne on and off since about 15 years of age. I've been on everything, and while I had about a three year period of perfect skin from about ages 18-20, my issues came roaring back at age 21 worse than ever before. I don't have a lot of active action on my face currently, but tons of red marks that never seem to heal. I was clear for about a MONTH this past winter after yet another round of antibiotics, (Erythromycin) but then my face started breaking out again. I changed cities (am now in Toronto) and decided to go to a new doctor for another opinion starting in May. He immediately took me off the antibiotics, gave me Benzaclyn, and put me on Yasmin BC for preparation for Accutane. I should mention that this is the second time accutane has been suggested for me. My old derm in Calgary suggested it, but I chickened out after doing the bloodtests.

So, today I have started the beginning of the end (hopefully) and just took my first Accutane pill. I am on 40mg to start out, so not sure if I will be increasing doseage or not. Yay! He also prescribed me some antibiotic gel to put in my nose for nose dryness. He said that sometimes bacteria can come out of a dry nose and infect the skin about your lips so I should apply the gel to the insides of my nose at night. I will be using Cetaphil moisturizer for my face to see how that goes. Am a little unsure about what will be best for my lips. I bought Carmex and bought Burt's Bees lip balm, but everyone else seems to use Aquaphor. Being in Canada, I can't find it on the shelf. Anyone know where I can order it online? I also wear contacts so am stocked up on eye drops and prepared to frequently go to town on my eyes. :)

It's funny.... I keep obsessively feeling my face to see if my skin feels any drier..... yup, because I'm going to go all dry in 2 hours of taking the first pill. LOL.

Anyway, maybe I will post some pics of me later. :)

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