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Chronic acne returned in VERY short time

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I have been a chronic acne sufferer since high school. I took Accutane at 16 (I am now 27, 28 in two months) and it cleared up my face for nearly two years.

After having my daughter, things began to start back up again. She is now 4, and my acne has gotten its worst over the last 6 mos-year.

However, within the last week my face has gotten HORRIBLE. My cheeks are broken out in large red bumps, my forehead and temples are covered in small bumps, and I have several cysts on my cheek and chin. In fact, in the last week I have had 5 new cysts. This is the worst is has ever been, and I am incredibly worried.

ALSO-I have been taking 10g of protothenic acid for 7 days and still continue to get these breakouts. I also do a baking soda mask at night.

I have no insurance, so a dermatologist and accutane are not even attainable for me. I am out of options....

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I also had chronic acne when my children were small. I am now 47 and I am finally clear. Dan's treatment has helped me the most. I am also drinking wild harvested acai berry juice by "genesis today." I buy it at whole foods. I feel it has helped my skin. I am now clear but still have monthly hormonal breakouts but very small and not painful. I was very oily into my late 30's. Almost an abnormal amount of oiliness. I think this caused alot of my acne and grief. hang in there, you can be clear, just don't give up. something is out there that will help you. keep searching. good luck.

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