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How to get protein, carbohydrates and fats for bodybuilding without wheat, dairy or pratien shakes?

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I have been improving my body for some time now, i regularly work out and i need to find a way to have roughly 1800 calories 120g protein. I am aiming to have 50-60% carbs each meal, 10-20% fat every meal (Good fats!) And remaining portion protein. This will be spread out from 4 - 6 meals per day. I have recently noticed that there are alot of aspiring bodybuilders on this site and am requesting information on how they may eat to attain goals in nutrition while avoiding main food staples. I feel as if i am not getting near enough calories...A typical meal at the moment would be...

Chicken breast broiled in a pan then grilled with garlic

2 Cubes of spinach that i have started buying in a pack about 200g

Quarter of a cucumber

Some brocoli and zucchini

Should i start having Extra virgin olive oil that i bought at the super market with each meal for good fats and to help with acne? Or is it reccomended i have flax seed oil or fish oil?

I have alot of tuna (300g per day in brine) Is this bad for acne?

Sorry for all the questions but i am relatively new and will take any suggestions made seriously and will acknowledge/appreciate all comments left with good intentions thanks in advance fellas and ladies!

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Cut back on the tuna man. Tuna contains mercury which is a heavy metal. I would say only eat once a week and most likely stop eating for a couple weeks. You probably have a high amount of tuna in your body. It afects the nervous system which suppresses the immune system.

Extra virgin olive oil is good man. Maybe get some cod liver oil to take in the morning it's high in omega 3's and has vitamin a & d. If you get a lot of sun then just take fish oil. I recommend extra virgin coconut oil. Lots of good things about it. You can cook with it, use it on your face at night (bit shiny), pour it over some vegetables. It has antifungal, antibacterial, antiparasitic properties. And it's a good source of fat! Do some reasearch on it!

That's my two cents...


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Go for about 300g carbs 250g protein and 100g fat and split it into 6-8 meals

Carbs: You can get your carbs from beans, fruits, steelcut oats, sweet potato, pearled barley (gi of about 22 and can substitute rice. Thats very easy soruces of carbs and can be used in a variety of ways with alittle imagination.

Fats you can get from avocado, macadamia nut oil ( My favourite because you can have alot of the stuff and it doesnt throw out your omega 3/6 balance), and small amounts of animal fat ie lean red meat/chicken breast, macadamia nuts, chestnuts. Btw dont completely give up on dairy, have a hunt around and find some lactose free cheeses, most hard cheeses are anyways, you will probably find that it wont break you out. If thats the case you could then try lactose free milk but i know american milk has alot of hormones.

Protein: Easiest of the lot, beans, vegetables, you can buy protein powders like pea protein isolate (which is actually alkaline), lean meats, fish.

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