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My doctor prescribed me this sodium sulfacetamide and sulfur wash and it doesn't smell so good. so i was going to get a moisturizer that smelled good.

any suggestions?

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Vaseline intensive moisturisers smell really nice and work really well.

....and have no perfume.

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Nightamins by Origins! I used to use this years ago, and it smells wonderful. Love, love, love this smell. The moisturizer itself is fairly light, and is supposed to deliver vitamins/antioxidants to the skin. As far as I know it didn't break me out; in fact I do think it improved my complexion a little though it's not made for acne at all.

It's also pricey, but if you don't mind paying 30+ for a moisturizer go for it. It's the most amazing-smelling moisturizer I've ever tried. I think Lush also sells nice-smelling face moisturizers, but they tend to get very expensive - the Origins stuff would probably be cheaper. I'd use it myself if I could afford to spend that much on cream that I don't absolutely need.

I also found that the origins stuff worked really good on my acne prone skin, scars, and discoloration. It does smell good to me, but no two noses are alike. :-)

Origins plantidote face cream and the face serum smells great to me but they are a bit high and i'm not sure if you would like the smell personally. I find it in a way smells like men's aftershave. I noticed that the good smelling stuff that doesn't break you out is expensive though. :-(

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