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Hey all, was thinking about trying CrystalClear Microdermabrasion and wondered if anyone had tried it with success? It's got good reviews and I've heard that it's effective for scarring/pitting, red marks, enlarged and blocked pores. All of these apply to me so you can understand the attraction!

I'm also gonna try some of the other stuff people are raving about on here, including the baking soda, apple cider vinegar and egg white regime and the things Lion Queen recommends; Diacneal (can't do Green Cream 'fraid as in the UK : ( ), mandelic acid (sincerely wanna get rid of all these minging clogged pores!!) and may have to investigate Paula's Choice BHA's.

Just a bummer I can't go down the shops and conveniently get everything I need, it's all about the on-line ordering isn't it? :boohoo:

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I don't know any facts about this product, but theres one thing I've learned. Any product that has "botanicals" or "magic poofy stuff" or "microultrasmallsand" or some crazy name, usually is just a marketing scam.. So beware.

And its not smart to use more than one technique to try to get rid of acne at once.. you can seriously dry your skin resulting in MAJOR scaring. =[

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So today I had my 1st microdermabrasion session. It was good but the extractions that she did at the end were a bit uncomfortable. Not used to another person squeezing my pores!! LOL I was advised to stay outta the sun for a couple of days, but seeing as it's been sweltering here today, it's kinda hard to avoid totally.

When I left, my skin started to sting after walking around for a while, dunno if that was due to the sun or me sweating or both. I was also advised to not exercise for 24hrs ( cos of the sweat bringing about irritation ), so I'm missing my fave Body Attack class tonight! bum.

Also, my face is now noticably red, where the gizmo did it's stuff, it looks like sunburn so I'm a bit self-conscious about that aswell. Hopefully that will fade overnight. Not sure if I should cleanse my face tonight as it might sting.

My Diacneal (Avene) came today but you can't apply retinol products to your skin for 4 days after the treatment, cos I'm looking forward to that too and hoping it'll be effective on the pesky blackheads!

Anyhow, my skin looks sooo clean but I guess I'm half expecting to wake up tomorrow and everything will be bunged up again, the way enlarged pores tend to do! : ( I was advised a course of 5 treatments is best and you should have them on alternate weeks preferably. I really hope this helps with the scarring and red marks too, like it says. I'll let you know of my progress though.


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I have tried Microdermabration and I find it a great option to get rid of Acne specially black and white heads without leaving a scar after treatment........ You are right if you sweat it might sting alittle but only the first day, What I will also recomend is a Photo Facial this helps get rid of the dark pigmentation that acne leaves behind, I have been alternating every two weeks and its working wonders.

I also use the products sold here and I found that its not getting rid of the acne but it helps control it and the blemishes seem to be smaller and they go away with in 3 days wich to me its great, I used proactive and it work for me for almost 5yrs but not anymore..... I have not tryed to use any oral medications because I'm afraid of the side effects but thats just me.

Good luck with your microdermabration treatments and hope they work for you just like they have worked for me.

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