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Finished after 4 months but didnt feel ready!


Hi Everyone,

Went to see me dermo yesterday and he decided to take me off roaccutane.

My bloods were perfect but he said he 3 to 4 months is sufficient and only works during these months.

In two weeks time, there abouts, i would have completed a 4 month course.

I was half expecting him to give me another month as i am still breaking out.Not as bad but still have usually two or three new spots.

I was so gutted! He said that Roaccutane works in the 3rd and 4th month and having two or three zits on my face doesnt warrant another months worth supply.

Since reading on this website i though most dermos want you to have a clear full month and i havent.

I weigh 64kg,my first month did 20mg,second,40mg then 3rd and 4th 60mg so reached a dose of around 5000mg which i think is under what my total dose should be.

When i said this to him he said that is baloney and what any good dermo should do is look at how bad each case is,not what there body weight is.

He has given me duac and differin cream, one for the day and one for night as a maintiance.Has anyone used these before????

I did but they didnt work.He said my skin is different and they should do this time round?Is this the case?

I know he is the expert but im so worried he has finished me to soon and was thinking more about the nhs cost not my skin.

At the moment i have two big zits on my cheek and a few little ones under my skin.

Will the roaccutane carry on working when im finished?He said this would be the case.

Can anyone help as im so upset.I dont want to have done all this, then he takes me off to soon and it

all comes back when all it would have taken is another months worth.

What do you guys think?xxx

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Does seem short. I was 100% clear on my 2nd month and my derm have me on a 6 month course. Told me that if my cumulative dose based on my weight was a certain amount that I had a better chance of never getting acne again. That's another reason why I don't want a national heath care system in the US. Good luck.

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