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Ok so I used to use just ordinary lip balm but i stopped about a month ago when i got a zit on my

lips. A month later now and i just got a zit on one side of my mouth on my lips and this morning i woke up with a really painful white head on the other side but i popped it because it hurt to eat. I was just wondering since you cant do the regimen on your lips should I just spot the zits with BP when i see them coming up?

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I also experience this kind of acne that pops up right around the edge of my lips and sometimes become so inflamed that it looks as though it's basically directly on my lips. It's difficult to combat because when applying BP close to the lips, it's bound to get on your lips and cause dryness and chapping. Not pleasant.

Dan did a blog entry about which lip balm products to use and which to avoid because of their pore clogging properties. He recommended using Vaseline and that's what I've been using. It seems to really help w/ the chapped lips, but I'm still getting periodic breakouts around/on my lips. However, the breakouts are much less frequent then when I use other lip balms like 'Chap-Stick,' which are comedogenic for sure.

Anyone have experience w/ acne affecting their lips and suggestions as to how to best combat it? I'm currently on Dan's regimen and it's working well, except I'm still having breakouts around my lips. Any info on successful treatments would be much appreciated.

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