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Please Help Accutane and Body Acne

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I really need help here. I'm about to finish my 3rd month of accutane. I'm currently on 70mg a day. My face is clear of any acne.. just some dark spots left.

When i started accutane my back was some what ok. Few cysts and pimples here and there but as i started accutane. It got ALOT worse and now its even worse. I also am getting some neck acne. Is this normal? My back actually hurts from the acne and looks horrible. i'm going to be going camping in about a month and a half and at this rate, i won't be able to take off my shirt.. This is horrible.

Can some one give me some advise on what to do?

Please help


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Have you brought this up to your derma? I've heard of people who break out in areas they've never broken out before, even later into the treatment. You've still got a good six weeks to go before your trip, which sounds like plenty of time for your back to clear up. That also means you'll be seeing your derma, so ask him or her their opinion. Good luck!

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thats the same as me, on my third month now and broke out on chest, about 8 cysts. this week they seem to have all died down, waiting for the redness and surrounding dryness to go then it should be fine. been getting a few small spots on the neck too, but face is clear. I'm on 70mg too.

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