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Which to try first: Mandelic, GC, or Diacneal?

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I've been through all the pages and pages of threads on this issue using the search function, because I hate to post a new thread on a topic that's been covered before, but I still can't decide.

I'm 4 weeks into the Acne.org regimen, and I've been purging ... mostly blackheads. Spots that I thought were freckles turned out to actually be blackheads, and while some of them have purged their way out, others look pretty solidly embedded in my skin. I am a picker, and i've picked several of those into scabby messes, so lately I've been trying really hard to leave them alone (thanks mostly to an upcoming wedding I'm in), to some success. I promised myself I wouldn't try any new products until I was a full 8 weeks into the regimen (I am a total product whore, which is very detrimental to my already pathetic bank account). But I know I will probably still have these blackheads then. And I also have scarring from previous cystic acne, as well as the typical hyperpigmentation.

So my question is, which of these three products, all of which seem promising, should I add into the regimen first? I'm leaning towards GC, because I do have some hyperpigmentation and yes, at 26 I'm getting my first wrinkles. But Diacneal has Glycolic, with which I have had pretty good success in the past, and I've read great stuff on Mandelic, too. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks, and sorry for being repetitive.

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