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Cheated for acne scar treatment

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Hi everyone, i am a 24 male student from asia. I am suffering from few boxscars, mild icepick scars and shallow scars. I went to a doctor and he promised me to get 70 to 80 percent of improvement on my acne scars. His method of treatment is to use erbium yag laser with subiscion. At that point of time, i was quite desperate so i took up the package of 6 treatments. However, it turned out to be a nightmare, after every treatment, i will grow big bumps of acne and it leaves me with more pitted scars. Furthermore, the laser has left a lot of red pigmentations on my skin and they are not fading away. I am very sad because i have paid so much money to damage my face and make it worse. Most importantly, my acne condition has became worse. I am really lost and i do not know what to do now. I tried to consult another doctor and he told me to try roaccuntane and his FDA cleared Fraxel laser. This doctor told me that by taking roaccuntane, i am able to get a 30 percent chance to cure my acne condition and i will be free from acne for life. He also told me that his fraxel laser is able to close up ice pick scars or any other types of scars by pumping collagen into the skin. This doctor was very confident of his machine and he told me that with each fraxel treatment, i am able to get 10 to 15 percent improvement. Honestly speaking, i have tried to do my research and i find that these doctors are not pragmatic. They are just interested in earning money. I am really very sad to find that these doctors are not empathetic and they do not possess any ethnics. I am very depressed and dejected because i find that i have lose hope in everything. I have been suffering in this condition for more than 10 years and i seriously hope someone can enlighten me or give me some form of guidance. My only wish is to minimise my existing acne scars and i really hope to get a good and reliable doctor. Therefore, i sincerely hope some of you can drop by and tell me what to do. Thanks

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Hello and welcome to the org! I'm sorry to hear about your less than stellar dermatologist. There are those out there who are in it for financial reasons, which isn't right, I agree. :(

I am going to move this to the scar subforum. There is a lot of good information there that I encourage you to take a gander at as well. Good luck! ^_^

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