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Im considering buying AHA since it seems to be what everyone on here uses and Im confident that it'll help me more then proactive would....but I still have a few questions about it and some other randoms...

1.) So does the AHA work on chest/back/face ance?

2.) I have very oily skin, and Im pretty active, but I read on here to not wash your face more than twice a day, so what should I do about it?

3.) Is there any other products that I should look into to help with my acne, or that go good with AHA?

.) What is your schedule as far as face care goes, and what other products do you use? ....I took this one of someones profile for example and this is what they do and use..


wash with Desert Essence Facial Cleanser with Tea Tree Oil

moisturize with Aveeno Ultra Calming SPF 15 moisturizer

Benefit Hello Flawless SPF 15 pressed powder


wash with Desert Essence Facial Cleanser with Tea Tree Oil

apply 4-5 drops of Jason pure organic Jojoba Oil

apply thin layer of CVS generic brand BP

apply Dan's AHA+ as nighttime moisturizer (as of 6/19/09)

Thanks for any help its greatly appreciated!

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1. I cannot speak for back acne since I only use AHA for the face....but I saw one of Dan's videos showing how he applies AHA on his back. AHA works by speeding up the exfoliation of your old skin cells so new skn cells will be brought to the surface, so I assume this applies to the back as well.

2. It is highly recommended that you use sunscreen for at least a week when using AHA as it increases your skin sensitivity to the sun. Even without using AHA you should be using sunscreen or moisturizer with SPF anyway, as UV rays can cause wrinkles/age spots which are just as bad as acne in my opinion.

3. Thanks for using my regimen as an example! I use the washing part of my AM regimen in the shower, get dressed, and then I use the moisturizer/powder part of it afterwards. I do the PM part of the regimen before bed around 9:30 pm.

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