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So I think everyone can agree that diet is a trigger and that hormones cause acne, right?

So why are people with acne generally skinny or normal size? I'm don't know that much about hormones but don't people take them and gain muscle mass easily?

Also if I lower my hormones will I have a harder time gaining weight?

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Ok man yes acne is caused by diet and hormones. People with acne arent always skinny or normal size, there are some overweight people with acne, its thought that they metabolize fat differently than the skinnier types though. Nothing is proven though...

About hormones, people take anabolic steroids (a ton of testosterone) to build muscle at a MUCH more rapid pace than others not taking the drug (natural people). So yes they gain muscle easily.

If your testosterone levels are low you will have a hard time gaining muscle mass... but if your testosterone levels were low you would notice other signs such as low sex drive..poor erections, larger breast tissue, loss of energy, depression/mood swings.

I'm not sure how you plan on lowering your hormones, but testosterone is how muscles are built.

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Never said I wanted to lower my hormones pal.

The vast majority of people with acne are normal or smaller than normal. Many people report their acne improving as they get bigger or developing acne as they lose weight.

Basically I am thinking that it is the way the hormones are controlled/accept that is causing acne rather than the amount.

So technically all the stuff we are doing to lower hormones (diet/supplements/lifestyle) may not be directly fixing the problem as we all hoped.

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