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loves it

Second Time BETTER Be the Charm :)

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Hey all!

Okay, I took Accutane back in 2005 when my acne was super bad. I don't even have pictures from that time in my life, it was so bad. Needless to say, I was a complete success sotory. Flawless skin was mine (so don't lose hope!)

The only problem is, starting in 2008, I started breaking out again, and especially scarring again. It has gotten progressively worse so I have decided to take Accutane again.

This time, I am starting on 20 mgs a day and then I will work my way up to 40 mgs.

This is what I did last time, however, I have become way more aware of the various side effects before I've started round 2, so I'm a little paranoid. Hopefully you guys can help me out and make me feel better. I know this is a long journey, but clear skin really is worth it!!!

Anyways, I want to ask fellow peeps on the 'tane to become better educated:

1) why everyone is taking fish oil? I told my derm about maybe taking fish oil as a supplement but he said no because it contains vitamin A. He won't even let me eat Luna bars because of the vita vitamin A. Oh well.

2) what exactly can i do to protect my hair? i have long strong thick hair and i would like to keep it LOL

3) also, what can i take to combat depression/moood swings? i a i can be an anxious person even without the tane...it kinda amps up my anxiety so any help on that would be great.

4) last question: what's good for muscles and joints besides fish oil? i have a history of gof hurting muscles easily so so i need some help with this!!

I am on DAY 4 already btw. Nothing too much to report except that my cheeks seem to be flushing a lot. and my ears burn a little when i'm embarrassed or upset. Interesting. r

Thanks for reading, I know it's a lot for the first post!!

--Loves It

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Hey all-

Just wondering if anyone besides me reads this....oh well.


I am starting to get chest tightness/pains that when I breathe really deeply...is this me just having anxiety, or heartburn or chest pains from Accutane? I'm only on 20 mgs, so I feel like it can't be Accutane, but I'm not sure.

Also, I used to have really bad acid reflux and was on Nexium and all this stuff...but then I got better so I wasn't on meds. I don't want to have to go on meds again :( I hate acid reflux. This doesn't feel like it though...this feels more chest-y, if that makes any sense.

Can someone calm my fears? I'm gonna call my dermo tomorrow.

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