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hello everyone, as i have mentioned before i have what i think of as really bad acne. I try not to let it get to me and be my happy self but everyday i look in the mirror i just cry. I sit and wonder sometimes what my 2 year old son thinks of my face, because sometimes when i have pimple he points at it and say "mommy have boo boo" :cry: as far as my daily regime I use Ambi facial products. even though the products say no oil my face still feels oily.

am regime

wash with daily ambi cleanser

apply thin layer of ambi anti spot cream

apply ambi facial lotion with sunscreen

pm regime

wash with daily ambi cleanser

apply thin layer of ambi anti spot cream

Last week (monday) i even stop using the cleanser and just washed my face in the morning and night with warm water, but by saturday my face felt so oily i washed with ambi exfoliating wash. i have tried every product in the store, i have stopped pro-active and started it again plenty of times, I been to the same derm on 2 different occasions, i have tried vitamins, i have even tried squeezing a fresh lemon and applying the juice to my face. I have read so many post about Accutane but with all the side effects and having a 2 year old son i don't think it would be good for me. i don't wear makeup everyday (only when i go out) because i think it will make my acne worse. i mean i just dont know what to do anymore :cry: BY THE WAY I'M 24, IT'S TERRIBLE!!!!

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Are you taking anything that your Derm perscribed?

You might want to change your skin care line to a more all natural one (natural oils/plant based)

Acne washes/lotions contain all types of chemicals that aren't good for your skin especially sensitive skin types.

Check your labels for any Parabans, Sodium Sulfates, Lauryl Sulfates, fragrance, Phthalates, alcohol, D&C, Petroleum, Lanolin, Isopropyl myristate all which can exaberate acne. You may also be allergic to Benzoyl/Salicylic/Glycolic Acids (I was) Also, harsh scrubs are a no-no.

You didn't mention diet but that plays a role in our skin function too. Eat lots of fresh fruit/veggies stay away from processed/fried/fatty foods.

Def get you a good vitamin, if you aren't already taking one.

I too did not want to get on Accutane (I refused) so I got healthy and all natural with my products and yes I have a breakout here and there but not the ugly/painful cystic acne I did a year ago.

Find something that works for you and stick with it - it will and can get better!

Good luck ;)

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Thank you so much for the feed back...no i'm not taking a regular vitamin, i was taking womens one a day but i stopped, i was thinking more of a multi-vitamin. my diet is so so but i can admit that i am a big snack person, which i know i need to cut down. i get my excerise by playing with my son because he have more energy then i ever known a 2 year old to have. idk i will figure something out because i just can't live like this anymore. but i thank you so much for the advice. :angel:

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