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Well.. I have this problem from past few days.. I dont know how to get rid of it.. I have these tiny bumps on my forehead..They are of skin color.. I guess they are whiteheads or clogged comedones.. If you see my face from front side, my forehead looks clear.. But from sideways I can see them.. They look pretty nasty.. Also if I touch them I can feel them.. They are around 8-10 of them.. I dont have them anywhere else.. I have a combination skin.. Does BP help in this? Also you think any food might cause this?

Please I need some help on this..


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I have this too, and it's very persistent. For a few days recently it was getting better and I can't think why it was, which is frustrating. I think it's diet related but can't pinpoint what exactly.

There are a few threads around here on the same subject, but not a lot of direct success stories from what I could tell.

Post back if you find anything that helps.

EDIT: ok I guess I was just lazy and didn't search well enough. Check out these threads:

Clearing pores, getting rid of tiny bumps, how to beat comedonal acne

HELP! What are all these tiny bumps on my forehead?

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Hey thanx for your reply.. :) I know its frustrating not to know why is this happening.. Anyways, these threads seem very informative.. But this is what I found interesting.. Ok so in the second thread : HELP! What are all these tiny bumps on my forehead?

There is amazing improvement in the pictures of TinyLittleBumps... This is what she has given...

"What I decided to do was to deep clean my face every other night with apple cider vinegar, and also use 2.5% BP every night (on nights when I use the ACV, I would wait about 1/2 hour before applying the BP). I wash my face every morning and night with Clean & Clear, though it usually doesn't matter what I use to wash my face."

Then later she has given a big list of products she uses.. But I really cant afford to do so much.. So I'm going to try ACV and BP.. I'm confused about diluting the ACV(She hasnt mentioned anything on that).. Also I believe she applies BP on ACV.. as in without washing ACV.. If anyone has information on this.. Please let me know...

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